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The Tenso experience was excellent, they were super quick - the package was in Australia in 24 hours! Australia post took another 3! days to get them to me. As for the A900X. I'll write a brief newby's review shortly. I like them. A lot.  
Well... trigger pulled!   I chose the closed cans - A900X. This will be my first venture into higher quality headphones. Should be fun. Thanks to Mani ATH 87 and Dsnuts for the great comparo back on page 23. Thanks also to MalVeauX for his input.   I like the idea of being able to shut out the world of noise with the headphones as opposed to having it filter in through open headphones. The extra bass discussed will be nice too!   Ordered off
Wow! on Amazon japan, the A900X is just a bit pricier than the AD900X! 130 Yen more. the decision is made even trickier...   May I ask, how did you translate the pages so you know what you're doing?   Thanks again. Mark   EDIT: sorted out translation issues. Opened Tenso account too. Very easy to do. It'd nice how they make parting with MY money so easy.
Thanks a_recording,   not in Sydney, living in little old Radelaide! Did you use tenso to freight them from japan? If you don't mind me asking, what did you pay for them?
this is a helluva thread!! Awesome! Thanks to everyone.   So....   A900x or AD900x for another 100AUD?   I've never owned open headphones and this'll be my 1st foray into hi quality headphones.   At this point I don't own a dedicated headphone amp, although, I've got plans to make a meridian explorer mine in the near future.   Anyone got anything they'd add to help my decision along?
thanks for getting your thoughts on the ORB amp up here!  
Hi MalVeauX, thanks for the detailed reply - much appreciated. Nothing rude written so no offense taken.   5Hz - I take your point on the ear/brain ability to detect frequency this low. I'd seen the specs on cans like the SRH940 and others and decided that I wanted to get the most from my money. Surely, and I could be naive here, if the specs sheet indicates it'll put out 5hz it's gotta be able to deliver. Even if we can't detect it, otherwise they...
Hey everyone, I'm in the market for a new set of full size phones.   I've read all about and sort of fallen in love with the Shure SRH940 but think the romance is doomed failure if the plastic cracks up - that would completely piss me off after spending the dollars on them!   So, it got me thinking... what do I want in a set of phone? More to the point, it made me realise how much I have to rely on peoples' reports and...
Thanks, yes I am looking for recommendations. I'll check out the forum.  
Thanks bigshot! I've re-read the thread and now have a much better understanding of the reasons for your answer! Do you have any info on which would be a better way of connecting the iMac to the AV receiver? I use the optical cable now but wonder if a the 3.5mm jack to RCA would be a better set up? Or, no difference? I'd test it but I don't have such a cable! Thanks for you info in the posts above! much appreciated :-)  
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