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Ha, I agree on the aesthetics of the headband on the new model, really looks ugly. Looks like it could be a comfortable design though.Just wanted to say I picked up the Schiit Magni and Modi for Christmas to use with my HE-400 and they sound excellent together. I upgraded from a Fiio E17 and the Magni and Modi are a more then worthy upgrade over the Fiio.
What is the deal with the Jergpad group buy? I might be interested in this, they didn't really work to well for me with my own tinkering, but I might be willing to give someone else's a shot.
The HE-400 isn't really portable being that it's an open headphone, to much noise getting in for my tastes.That being said, the HE-400 pairs well with most low budget portable amps since it doesn't really to much of a boost really.It sounds nice out of my Galaxy S3 with the Fiio E17 
People visit to get impressions, the only reliable impression is your own.I don't see any problem with someone's individual method of coming to conclusions about a certain headphone. 
I see what you did there...and I approve.
The most over rated headphones of all time are clearly Beats by Dre. Many people here on Headfi dislike them for the shortcomings they present, but in general, they are THE headphone to top. It's really hard to pick a most underrated headphone...I think the Audeo line of IEM's are really nice but don't get much attention.
Very cool! People have weird taste though when it comes to what is considered stylish...
Sennheiser headphones are boring in general (at least to me). I 100% agree that the HD600 and HD650 are boring headphones. I find all Senn's from the HD600 and up to be boring, all the way up to the 800's.I think they make some good headphones, and I certainly see why people like them. But they don't present a signature I look for. The analytical/neutral sound isn't my cup of tea.I prefer the HE-400 to the HD600 or 650, and I prefer the HE-500 to the HE-400. 
I don't even prefer the HD600 over the HE-400 let alone 500. HD600>HE-400>HE-500 Great write up though.
The Fiio E17 sounds fine on it's own with the HE400's, the Modi/Magni sounds great as well (I'm probably getting this soon)I'd give them a spin with the Xonar first though to see what you think. Sound is very subjective and people like different things, the sound with the Xonar might suit you just fine.Don't look to change components for the heck of it. There's always something to upgrade in the world of headphones, you have all the time in the world.PS: These will be an...
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