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 You guys and your weird damping materials 
 Weird, I don't really like the Asgard 2 as much with the HE400. They are already very bright, and I find it makes them brighter. I really like the HE400 in general, but it's brightness is a bit much for me over time (that's why I'm selling them currently). I don't typically listen to any headphone without EQ, so I can't comment to much on the Asgard 2 and 650's with no EQ. I haven't spent to much time with them and no EQ so I don't think it would be a worthy...
 Yeah, I actually read some mixed reviews about the Asgard 2 with the HD650's (some in this thread I believe). But I don't hear any mixed results, they sound excellent to me. I got a chance to demo them with the 650's and thought they sounded awesome. Bought the Asgard 2 and brought them home, got it all set up and it sounds just as awesome as my demo run. Even better because I get the benefits of my own EQ  I'm very happy with the combo. I'll be looking into a new DAC now...
I picked up an Asgard 2 for my HD650's a week or so ago, they've never sounded better.
 The HD650's are worth the price even at full MSRP, imo. Always nice to get them at a deal though, I got mine off of Amazon at about $270 USD about a year ago. Best $270 I've ever spend in the audiophile headphone game.
My problem with the HD800, as mentioned a few times already, is that it just doesn't play well with many types of music. The detailed treble makes it a hard listen, and it's strong suit is mostly genres that I don't listen to at all. I don't own an HD800 and doubt I would pass up a great deal on one, but I don't think I'd trade my 650's for one either.
 Plenty of reasons to not use software EQ....examples of why you wouldn't want to? It's cool that you prefer physical mods or hardware, but that isn't a reason NOT to use software EQ.Sonarworks is a little expensive for my budget. I'll have to look into system wide changes though, sounds interesting and I've never really explored those options. I listen to about 99% of my music in Foobar though right now and have it set up exactly the way I want it, so I'm not in a rush to...
Eq settings obviously don't carry over from foobar to YouTube, that's all I meant. I see no reason not to EQ. Maybe some people are crusaders for a neutral sound or a, "the way it's intended to sound" or something else. All eq does is improve the sound to my preference.
I don't like losing preferred EQ settings so YouTube just never sounds as good to me.
I don't know how you guys enjoy YouTube quality sound. The audio quality drops about 10 fold as soon as I leave foobar. YouTube sounds awful to me...
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