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 Wow, that just came apart on it's own without any user abuse at all? I don't even know how that is possible (not accusing or anything of course!)I've had my HE-400's for over a year now and they are basically in the same condition as the day I bought them.
It's kind of hard to agree on one exact EQ setting when everyone has a different opinion on certain sound signatures. The most common thing to do with the HE-400's is tone down the treble spikes, which can be seen in the pictures posted in this thread.
HD600's are boring, just my opinion.
 Pretty much nobody would describe the HE-400 as a balanced headphone. It's not, it has slightly recessed upper mids, an emphasis on bass and bright treble. Pad modifications and EQ respond excellent with the HE-400's. You can turn the HE-400 into into incredible sounding headphones with some patience. Out of the box they sound OK, but sibilant with some recordings (as mentioned). They take some time to fine tune, but once you get them to that sweet spot, they exceed the...
 I'd spend a bit extra on the Focuspads over the original velours. I liked the original velours quite a bit, but the focuspads give you everything the original velours did (they sound a tad warmer actually) with 10X the comfort. $10 vs $40 I guess is significant, but worth it in my opinion.
Do you find that the stock grills are obstructing the SQ more then the dust covers? Or is it the dust covers that are the culprits?   I have some old speaker cloth laying around I could try it on them, and could easily obtain a number of different mesh types. Just trying to determine if this is worth trying or not...
So consensus is basically that the headphones sound better with nothing on the sides, the mesh is just a slight mechanical protection? I was thinking of giving this a try just to compare, but I guess ultimately rather then crafting new grills I could just listen to the headphones with the current ones removed for the same effect...
Not sure I quite get this mod...   If the revision 2.5 is the clear winner in sound quality (no fabric or dust protection) wouldn't it be fair to say they sound best with nothing at all on the sides? I mean what is the bare mesh actually accomplishing? All it's doing is providing a very minimal protection possibly from your fingers getting in there (maybe that is the point?)
 The e12 is a more powerful amp then the e17, but the e17 is also a dac, so it depends on your needs.Fiio also has an e18 out which is an apparent upgrade to the e17, but I have no experience with this one.
 The E17 is pretty nice with the He-400's, they respond well to EQ so having the bass and treble adjustment is nice.I'd imagine they sound pretty good with the E12 as well although I haven't heard this one.
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