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 I was thinking the same thing, the 650's already have an incredible midrange and a very warm signature, much warmer then the 600's are to begin with. 600s - neutral650s - dark/warm
When going from the 400-700 dollar range on headphones to summit fi, nothing is "leagues ahead" in my opinion.
I can't see that HiFiMAN selling well at the current price point, certainly way out of my range. Best of luck to them though!
 There still 400 plus outside of the US.In Canada it's hard to find the HD650's for under the MSRP which is 499.00 Even used they are around 400. Even with the exchange, getting them new at MSRP of 500 in Canadian dollars still translates to 400 USD. Either way, they are worth the price IMO. Below $300 is an insane value, anyone would be crazy not to get these at that price.
 And bad news for everyone's wallet when you realize you have to spend 6 times the amount you spent on your headphones on your amp to drive it to it's potential.
I found the HE400's to be a better value then the HE500's at the time I purchased them. Things are a bit different now with the newer models and what not so the 500's have become a better value, and the the 400's have come down even further in price.   500's are a better headphone all around, but to my musical tastes the 400's present a more appealing sound signature at a cheaper price. As someone mentioned above, I agree that the 650's are a great compliment to go...
New owner of the HD650's here, just got a mine "almost new" off of amazon.ca   Cost a bit more to purchase in Canada, about 415, so it is what it is! About 100 or so less then to purchase new unless you are getting a sale which is rare. They supposedly have a small "cosmetic imperfection on the front of the item" but I can't see it at all if it's there. They came in the newer style packaging, basically seemingly brand new. I could tell they had been repacked inside the...
I prefer the HE-400 to to the HE-500. I like the slightly warmer sound to them, they have some slightly harsh highs with some music, but it can be EQ'd. I've had my HE-400 for over a year now as my go to headphone, without any desire to upgrade, though the new Audeze EL-8 looks interesting (but a bit above my comfort zone in price) The HE-500 is technically a better headphone then the HE-400, yet I still prefer the 400. Thing is, there's a steep drop in quality vs price...
Have to admit, I'm also not a big fan of the way these look. The style looks great, but the wooden looking part around them, imo, looks awful. Still, looks aren't super important to me so I'm very interested in these.
 Wow, that just came apart on it's own without any user abuse at all? I don't even know how that is possible (not accusing or anything of course!)I've had my HE-400's for over a year now and they are basically in the same condition as the day I bought them.
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