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 There's a lot of silly jargon that floats around these forums, most of which isn't true.
 Keep in mind that the 650's also offer exceptional scaling, so if money isn't an object for you, the 650's offer a very high ceiling. I agree though that the presentation of the he400i is more "fun" sounding (funnier I guess? haha). The 650's are very laid back and warm sounding. I've A and B'ed the heck out of the 650's and 400i's as I own both. The 650's have been my go to for the last couple of years, but I feel the he400i is a slightly better headphone overall. I...
I don't find the he400i to be thin at all. Obviously it has less warmth then the hd650, but it's a silly comparison. The 650's are known for being extremely warm and full bodied, to the point people see them as being veiled. Comparing most headphones to the presentation of the hd650 you are going to say, "they sound thin in comparison".   I actually like the low end on the he400i better then on the 650's, it also has a more detailed and clearer treble. The body and...
 350 USD - no thanks.
 I love how people always suggest you make your own cabling, when most people have zero experience doing this and would have no idea where to even start    I use these with my he400i: quality work and the price is decent. You get to choose which materials you want to use and how you want the cable to look. Only downside is that it's like a 3-4 week wait because the cables are basically "made to order".
 The build of that headphone looks like a blatant copy of HiFiMAN    
I'm very happy with my Asgard 2 and 400i,it feels like a solid pairing.
 The customer service is definitely awesome. I had lots of questions for them after placing my order and they responded to me very quickly each time, very accommodating as well the various requests.   I get that, the cable quality just isn't good though. It's not very pliable and kind of uncomfortable. To each their own though, I hope it is what you are looking for and you are satisfied.
 Yeah, my phone just doesn't drive my 400i's to a level I like. I tend to listen to music fairly loudly though for shorter periods of time.
 You are going to be disappointed in this cable. I bought the same cable and I've used it once, it's probably one of the cheapest cables I've ever seen. The pictures on ebay/amazon look a lot nicer then it is. the main length of the cable is basically covered in a hard plastic and after the split it's a cheaper rubber. The cable itself feels like it came with a childs toy. If you want a much better quality cable I'd give this a...
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