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 I have both the HE400 and the HD650. The HE400 has slightly more bass impact, but the HD650 is a superior headphone in all other frequencies.The HE400 is superior if you like a lot of electronic music in my opinion, however for Hip Hop, rock, jazz, and most other genres the HD650 is the clear winner.The HD650 will also scale a lot better then the HE400, so the better your set up, the better they will continue to get. It takes some very expensive equipment before they will...
I need to check out the HD800S - though I wasn't a huge fan of the HD800 because of the bright treble that sounds a bit artificial, I imagine the HD800S must sound fantastic (reduced treble sparkle and a bit of additional sub bass sounds like a dream for the HD800).  Though I can't afford them right now they might actually be something to aim for as an actual upgrade to the HD650. Of course the cost of the right amp to power them pushes them even further from being...
DT150's are garbage compared to the HD650's 
 I like my Blue Dragon V3 cable from Moon Audio. Little bit pricey, but the build quality is second to none. I can't say that it has really had much impact on the sound quality, but it's definitely a nice sturdy cable and I have zero complaints.
I personally find Grado headphones in general to be over rated. I've not heard the higher end models myself, but the sr60, 80, 325 etc. Have all not been to my liking. The comfort is atrocious and the sound is just way to forward and aggressive.  I recently was in possession of a custom(ish) Grado. Kind of mid tier (I'll leave it at that) and comparing them side by side with my HD650's I had to immediately return them and get my money back.
If anyone is interested, I am selling my HE400's here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/804789/selling-hifiman-he400-headphones-w-focuspads I'm willing to negotiate price on these - they also now come with a custom cable made by fallen angel ($100 value included at no additional cost) . Please send PM if interested. Just haven't been using mine as much anymore!
the HD650 is the best deal in hifi for $250 I got a pair for $320 CAD a year or so ago = $248 USD Best money I've ever spent in this hobby.
 You guys and your weird damping materials 
 Weird, I don't really like the Asgard 2 as much with the HE400. They are already very bright, and I find it makes them brighter. I really like the HE400 in general, but it's brightness is a bit much for me over time (that's why I'm selling them currently). I don't typically listen to any headphone without EQ, so I can't comment to much on the Asgard 2 and 650's with no EQ. I haven't spent to much time with them and no EQ so I don't think it would be a worthy...
 Yeah, I actually read some mixed reviews about the Asgard 2 with the HD650's (some in this thread I believe). But I don't hear any mixed results, they sound excellent to me. I got a chance to demo them with the 650's and thought they sounded awesome. Bought the Asgard 2 and brought them home, got it all set up and it sounds just as awesome as my demo run. Even better because I get the benefits of my own EQ  I'm very happy with the combo. I'll be looking into a new DAC now...
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