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How about the joint where the cable and shell meet...I've heard about issues with that
Have you had any durability issues with the se215s? And what are the ma750s like?
Just every day listening...listening on breaks at work or sometimes While working (Walmart) I listen to mainly metal and edm
I'm looking for an iem...... Ot maaaaaaybe something over ear....I've got about a 120 limit and I am strictly an amazon shopper. I wanted something really we rounded, something that works well with death metal then will rattle my brain when I decide I want some dub step or hard style. I've been looking at the shure se215 and the etymotic hm5...or maybe a set of crossfade LPs or something. I guess I'm just looking for something awesome
lol no they  are a little different feeling from when they were new and im 20 and my face is greasy as hell but i dont wear em unless my face is freshly i absolutely baby those cans
ive only had mine for maaaaaybe at the most 6 months.... do you think its time for new pads?
So what do I do with my velour pads when I wanna clean em? I just toss them in the washing machine or do I hand wash? And how do I dry them?
Illbe keeping an eye on this .... Cause I'm looking at the same package that you bought
Lol cause I had the red but I had to return it because of some defects plus the red is limited edition :P
Those aren't in ears
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