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Hello Head-Fi   I need to find a replacement for the cabel marked in the picture because it's broken. Where can i buy a cabel like that and what is i called?   I appreciate the help ^^  
bump ^^
Thanks for the answer   What is the differences between   Ultrasone PRO-750   Ultrasone PRO-900     and if i had a surround sound system would a Creative SB ZXR be a good choice?
Hey   I just took a look around the web to see if i could find anyone that sold any of those headphones.... And i couldnt find any =(   It's almost impossible to find used headphones in my country (A small country called Denmark), so i would appreciate if you came with a recommendation on a new pair of headphones i that price range.   Thanks for the help so far ^^
Hey   I just looked through the list of headphones you named, and the only one i can buy i my countrey is the Ultrasone PRO 750.   But can i get something better than the Ultrasone? my budget is around 600 - 650$   Im also thinking about buying a new sound card for my computer with a new pair of headphones, like this one:   Or...
I want a pair og T70 because, i like the sound of them and that they are very comfortable plus they are sound isolating.   The only thing i miss about them is the bass... im currently own a pair of Ultrasone HFI-780, and i like the sound but they are not comfortable enough (There also beginning to fall apart)   But what is the difference between the T70 and T70p?   And what would you recommend me?
Hello Head-Fi     I am looking at a new pair of headphones, im currently looking at Beyerdynamic T70.   But im wondering, can i drive these with a SGS3? Im gonna use them with the SGS3 and my computer.   I know that the T70p is made for portable use, and the T70 for home use.   And what will the difference be if i used the T70 on a phone?     If you need more info to answer my question, please ask.     Thanks for the help.   Clashead
Thanks for the quick reply ^^   It's only my brothers that are being swayed by these marketing forces, i have tryed to convince them to buy something from Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Ultrasone and much more but it's simply impossible.   But thanks for help ^^
Then what do you think about these:   My brother asks.     Thanks for the help so far ^^
Hey Head-fi   I was looking at a new pair of headphones for my brother and i found these:   Can they be recommended??   If not, what will you recommend for about 200 dollars??   Clashead
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