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Up for sale:   SRM600LE - limited 30th Anniversary edition ( 2x ECC99 tubes ) - no original box   SR L700 - ear speakers, top of the Lambda line - complete with original box and manual   Both items are EU product, not import and like new.   Amp was recently checked by official local Stax tech repair service, 2 new JJ Tesla tubes installed.   Shipping and PP fees are extra.   Thanks for looking.
The only way to stimulate Stax of getting the idea of remaking of original Omega is by writing them, however, you cant do this by e-mail anymore, only by writing an letter, but I dont see this happening. Personally, I have tried O2 many times, black color, thats all I know about their version, but to me they are darkish and I GUESS require something more powerfull to drive them than SRM 600LE, but even then, I have no idea if I really going to like them after all and 009...
The link I found, yahoo I mean, T2+Omega were sold for USD 23k just a little over a month ago.
Stax should release them again.
Look at nomax avatar, its been in there for a while, but I may be wrong.
Looking for some feedback about ECC99 tubes rolling in Stax SRM 600LE amp or any other, modified Stax amps that can use them.   From what I could find, there is only few available, which are:   JJ Tesla normal JJ Tesla gold pins NOS 6N6P Russian made   E182CC - but I am not sure if this tube can be used, however, they do mention it online.   Any thoughts?   THX
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