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Up for sale a very nice batch of single 6SN7 tubes from my personal collection that I build over the years. Some new, some used, but all good working condition. Some have orig boxes, but most comes in white box, see pics please.   I will test them one more time, just before sending out. My tester is B&K 606 Dyna Jet, serviced and calibrated.   Shipping and PP fees are EXTRA.   THX for looking,   Channel Master Japanese made by Hitachi NEW  EUR 30 CV2821 ECC33...
Congratulations to Sennheiser family!!!   Founded 1st of June 1945   And maybe Sennheiser have something very impressive to surprise our community this year.
Maybe its just me, but I havent see anything about this mentioned up here   Sennheiser celebrates its anniversary: 70 years of innovation
We all supporting you mate, even it doesn't look that bright anymore.
Not sure if this been mentioned already, but I just found myself.     RIP Mr. Joseph.
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