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I don’t want to sound negative, really, it’s just that I did try to contact AKG, during my review, about things I found to be less impressive, but never got any reply, none, nana at all, so, for those who hoping, I wouldn’t expect much. Like I wrote many times already, this is Pro division department, way differ from general consumer one, so, everything you say, they will just ignore, but if folks from pro world complain, this will be another story, but…   Having built...
Maybe it would be an good idea to start another thread, called say, I GOT SOME ISSUES WITH MY AKG K812 PLEASE SHARE, or whatever. This way we can see how many faulty K812 are there and what kind of issues they have, much easier to collect that info. After a while, this link can be send to AKG, so they can check out, if they don’t listen, they should read then, just a thought.
Thanks for your advice, yes, indeed, Ety providing excellent service, but they dont sell cables separate and if you need one, you have to send your ER4 for full check and balancing to US Etymotic, thats their policy. The cable I looking for is for a good friend of my, he using after market one, but like to have some stock as well, thats why I try up here.   THX
If you have one, let me know please.   THX
How about Forza audioworks cables? I heard that price / performance of them are very good.
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