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Thanks for your impressions.   After good burn in, the changes are very obvious, but still not enough for me. They will become more comfy, but I found them to heavy for my liking, they should be like Sony Qualia, but...   Cheers
While AKG kept their classic design, it is obvious that they spend need it time to create K812 differently as well, but if only they spend same time and money by using differ material and make them lighter.   Well, not much point to mention that again, as they will not listen anyway.
Don’t want to sound to negative, but I don’t believe these will survive next winter, if you know what I mean. I just remember when HD800 are came out, man, it was like storm, but it is already 4 month after K812 been released and I feel like falling asleep already. They should fix the issues and introduce them to the general customer with lower price around EUR 1000, with good marketing  and very quick to, otherwise, they will disappear like drop water in hot sand.
Sirmione Italy is the place for ice freak   Have fun.
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