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Not sure why MortenB havent posted his seller sources yet, but the one I was talking about, from Slovakia, was this one   http://www.techhouse.sk/sluchadla/hifi/akg-k812     And as you can see, they are, indeed, cheaper than regular Holland MSRP of EUR 1599, but like I wrote, they were selling them at introducing price of EUR 1055 + EUR 30 shipping back in January 2014 and after that they went up to EUR 1299.     Just searched online and I see mega drop in price,...
Well, I have the feeling that back to date of introducing, why seller from Slovakia had the price EUR 300 lower than in Holland? And now MortenB mention Slovakia as cheaper solution again, kind of strange, maybe AKG already had a plant in Slovakia from the start?   MortenB, can you give us the price difference and the seller in Slovakia please. Ite may be the same seller I was contacting, that was music shop, I believe, selling pro equipment and such.   THX
Well, they are closest to  that from all I ever tried, if thats what neutral is, of course, but I do believe it is.
Anyone up here heard Grado HP1000? If not, you havent heard neutral, how about that statement
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