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Trade on the way!
Nah, really only after the Grados.
I purchased these HD650s new about a year ago and they have been sitting idle for a few months, they are in great shape.  I still have the original box and documentation.  I will be including a Zy cable I purchased from amazon as well as the stock cable.  I'm looking to work out a trade for a wooden Grado, an RS2 or even RS1.  Not interested in a PS500 (already owned) or any of the Prestige series.  Thanks!
Selling my LCD2.2's purchased earlier this year.  Includes paperwork, cable, travel case, and cleaning gear.  Used very little as the fit is not for me.  Update: My wife has informed me that these will not be for trade but sale only, I have updated the listing accordingly.   For purchase the price is $775 + 4% paypal fees.  Ships from TN to CONUS and I will cover shipping.   Thanks!
I'm looking forward to this change.  I have about 15-20 hours on mine at this point and I haven't really noticed a difference yet.  Compared to my LCD2's, the midrange is more recessed and the treble has quite a bit more grain and general unfriendliness.  Of course the GR01 has taken most of my head time since I received them, surprisingly I like them quite a bit more than the LCDs
As a quick update to my earlier post, I received the GR07 BE's a few days ago and they are quite an improvement over the X10's in pretty much every way.  More detail, resolution, and general treble response.  Bass is similar but a bit faster and cleaner.  I'm giving these a chance to break in a bit more but I have been impressed so far.    I received the GR01's the day after the GR07's and they have completely blown me away.  A big upgrade in every way (except bass...
Picked a pair of these up a couple days ago and WOW am I impressed.  So much more clarity than what my Klipsch X10's have.  The low end has taken a bit of getting used to, but so far it has been well worth it.
Rolling with the Klipsch X10's recently, mixing that up with Grado PS500's.  New stuff on the way this week though!
I will be receiving a pair of GR07 BE's and a pair of GR01's here in the next few days.  I'll be coming from a pair of Klipsch X10's and full size headphones like the LCD2r2's and Grado PS500's.     How will these new IEM's compare to what I've been listening to?  The X10's have really grown on me the last few weeks so I'm pretty excited to upgrade!
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