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Would a USB Sound card sound better than a decent sound card?
So, my only choice is the Asus Xonar or the X-fi card with EMU2OK1/20K2. Aww, I wish I had more choices.
Even the newegg.com doesn't have the xtreme line-up. I guess I'll just have to go with the Asus Xonars.
Including the Audigys?
I don't recommend buying on ebay. It seems unsafe and I need to pay taxes. I prefer buying in neweggbusiness.com.
What about the Creative Live and Live Drive, Audigy HD EAX or the Audigy 2 ZS
I found this advertised for about $50. It is a Sound Blaster X-Fi SB0460. Are they any good?
Can you download the driver or just with the CD?
I only have 1 PCI-e x16
Damn it, X-Fi Titanium! WHY U NO PCI ONLY? My motherboard is very small while my GPU is big that it covered PCI-e x1 slot :( . So, are there any other sound cards like the X-Fi Titanium? I don't care if it's just 10-20 bucks as long as it's not PCI-e x1 and the price isn't doubled while the performance is the same.
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