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I was wondering if the E5 & L3 are a good setup with the Ultrasone HFi 580's . I listen to music out of my iPhone and Mac . As you can see I like it cheap & if there are any better setups please feel free to comment and help out. Thank you
I listen to hip hop & rap. Mainly Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Tyga. My price range is $150 or less. Also i will be using these to record and make music. If there are any other headphones that are better please list them. Thank you very much
Thank you guys ! That helped Alot I think I might get the HFI 780 it sounds like they're more balanced than the HFI-580 and are pretty much better overall
I was looking for a headphone around $150 or less. I mainly listen to hip hop and rap . At first I was leaning towards the ath m50 until I seem reviews about how the ultrasone are better in every area. I want to know your opinion or any other headphone that is better or might put up competition. Thanks In advance
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