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same boat. Is this cMoy amp worth it for $20?
True. I just realized that. I might buy it from Amazon then, although free shipping doesn't apply to Puerto Rico (where I'm living at right now)    Thanks for the help guys. I also liked the sub $100 amp thread by ClieOS. It's great. I was also thinking about getting the JDS Labs cmoyBB, but after reading that thread I reconsidered and ended up here again asking more about the E11. Not because of sound, I just don't trust myself handling a box of breath mints (My...
After reading that review I'd say I'm almost set in the E11 by FiiO. I guess I'll be picking it up from since they're an authorized reseller.
I have been seeing some people complain about the E11 having a weak left channel. Is this true? in the questions, a guy complains about his E11 not functioning properly on the left channel.   Also, others are complaining on Amazon that it sounds hissy at lower volumes. Any takes on this?  
Walmart has a Sony MP3 Walkman for $69.00 on sale. Maybe you should check it out.
Hey Guys, I'm new and I thought I would introduce myself in this post:   Anyways: my rig (Desktop) CPU: 3.2 QuadCore AMD Phenom II RAM: 4GB DDR3 RAM (1600) HDD: 500GB + 120GB Video: AMD Radeon HD 5770 MOBO: Asus one, cant remember model. 21 inch monitor by ASUS    My portable: MacBook Air (2012) 13 in. Display 120 SSD 1.8 dual core Intel i5 Intel Inegrated HD 4000 Graphics   Spare: MacBook Pro (2009) - trackpad doesn't work/battery...
Hey guys,   I just watched Total Recall (2012 version). I give it a 6/10. There was plenty of action and Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale make the movie nicer. However, I was kind of bored with the story. I don't remember watching the original version. :(
Right now, Walmart has the Sony NWZ-S764 for $69.00 I think its a great price, compared to what other online retailers are asking for (100$+). Go check it out guys.
Any updates on this?   What happened with the Digizoid? Did you end up getting it or the FiiO E11?
Hey guys,   I know I'm a little late for this party. However, I just wanted to know what your recommendations are for a portable Amp for the M-80s. I'm currently in law school and I spend a large part of my day in the library and walking around campus. I need a portable amp that doesn't add too much weight/bulk to my pocket/backpack since I have really heavy books.    I got the V-Moda M-80s a couple of days ago and I'm switching between my iPod Shuffle and my...
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