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SAFE with that english guy Jason Stateham. I give it a 6/10 The plot isn't that bad. It's not good either. Basically it's just him killing everybody thats involved in organized crime in NY to help a girl. These movies are a trend now.
something wrong with the consistency or build quality
I just watched Jack Reacher, I give it ***1/2 stars. Thats just me, an action fan. I like the twists and the plot keeps you intrigued. 
Just exchange them then. You can get a new one, maybe get another color if you want. 
if it's working again, try it for a day or two. you should check what your warranty card says. Is the warranty similar to the M-80s?
How come there are no full reviews yet for this headphone on the product section. I believe it's there's been enough time for someone who owns them to give us a glimpse of how it feels to push these cans. Hopefully someone can do it in time for the holidays so some of us can decide on what to write on our xmas lists.
Well, I just found through the Monster iSport Livestrong edition on sale for $30.00 at TigerDirect. I think they're getting rid of them after the bad press that Lance Armstrong got in the past months.     Deal...
Laura Pausini - E ritorno da te     I really like listening to this while sitting around or studying. She mainly sings in Italian and Spanish, but she has a few songs in English...although I haven't taken the time to listen to them
Laura Pausini - both in Spanish and Italian (Latin Pop) **Personal Favorite** Tarja Turunnen *from Nightwish*- awesome (Hard Rock/Metal) Emilie Claire Barlow - Jazz (I'm listening to her albums a lot lately) Sabine Edelsbacher *from Edenbridge* - nice, not as good as Tarja (Hard Rock/Metal)
Right now, Amazon has Sansa Clip available for 25$. You might want to check it out. Also, check out slickdeals to find other headphone gear. Sometimes the gear there is not "audiophile grade" but it can get you out of trouble in case you lose some of your gear. You can sometimes find deals for other products by looking through the deals in the stores that you're directed to.
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