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Forget about the 846 not worth the upgrade from Sm64 you will not feel a WOO factor from 846, my experience from upgrading 64 to 846 is like what ? this is what 846 can do ? , only the white filter sound good but still 846 sound signature is not as smooth as 64, just go ahead and upgrade to 334/S-EM6.
I've found it hard to stop listening to music. BINGO ← that the magic of SM64I had stopped listening to 846 for a week already time to said goodbye 846
*Maybe* to you is hollow to me it's sound way better than 846 relaxing none fatiguing sound musical iems i own too many iems from $100 to $1000 846 SM64 have some kind of sound signature charms.You will never understand earsonics charm until u brought it's and feel its.
Well from 846 back to sm64 no regrets here forget about the 5 khz forget about audition u must listen to earsonics iems for days and you will understand earsonics charm :-)
Just ignore him no point arguing with a diamond ears....
Well seriously why every times i saw u taking about the 5KHZ :-P
Seriously i think i am crazy!!!! recently on july i sold my SM64 for Se846 i *thought* is a upgrade but 846 vocal are too aggressive to me not as neutral and clean sounding and relaxing iem as SM64 so now i am back to....... The musical SM64 Quote From Joker These days there are dozens of great-sounding earphones available at almost all price points so all high-end purchases are tough to justify, but there’s one thing I’ll freely admit – the SM64 is much more proficient...
Auditioned this iem at a local store wanted to get a upgrade from earsonics sm3 v2 and sm64, maybe i am a details lover i find that asg-2 bass overshadow vocal+musical instruments, any good advice is asg-2 worth the upgrade from Sm3/Sm64? i love female vocal+musical instruments sorry for.bad English
If you want same sound signature as UE900 but is a totally upgraded version, the answer is earsonics SM64 a legend killer in bass + vocal.
Not sure about the bass
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