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Is FX1100 i love the sound alots DX80 sound warm to me plus fx1100 vocal is warm too so pairing them out = Warm+Warm
Welcome me :D
Agreed spinfit made my 850 sound extremely muddy the worst tips to be used on fx series small bore vs big bore
No please don't get spin fit it's wil made the 850 transparent sound become recessed mid become forward clarity lower by at least 40% instruments became lifeless and soulless Not recommended to use
Got this spinfit from local shop tried ortofon jvc spiral dot but both created horrible sound.
For people who might wish to know the Spinfit eartips works very very well with stagediver iems
Ya i was surprised too is not a silver cable but a black cable
My new iems after i broke my SM64 sad :-( ..... But anyway the bass is sick on SD2
I am from china i wish to get hold of it's earsonics is the best
Looking forward to it's too cheers to earsonics
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