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I sold my UM3X and W4R already SM64 best choice ^_^
The mids the instrumental are so clean and clear piano is the killing parts bass too
I am loving Sm64 too much will be getting a extra 64 this week ^_^
Look amazing ^_^
Hehe! No singapore is a very small country next to malaysia ^_^
In singapore we can buy locally at a shop name Toy Outpost and he live in singapore too With warranty as well please see my post on top by lend me ur ears
No offense! why buy from Mp4national when u can get it locally? is only like $15 more that all!! and u don't has to worry about shipping?
Best customer service by Lend Me ur Ears 5*
Cheers from singapore too! take a look at DN-1000 GR07 SM3
Is $125 now i brought $140 last monthCOD and audition All earphones displayed here are available for auditioning at the Toy outpost outlet at Plaza Singapura. The locker no. is 41A and 42A. It is situated at the middle row last locker at the top left corner. WHATS MORE! If you like it, you can purchase on the spot for the same price as reflected on our website in both locations. Once you purchase it from them, please register your warranty with us. 
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