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i had this exact same equation. i use a eddie current ec-01 with the hd 600 and i also have the ec/dc that compliments the ec-01 to run my rs-2's. LOVE the combo. currently i use the ec-01 ec/dc combo as my desk rig. this combo is also a pre-amp, and i use it infront of a parasound z-amp pushing paradigm atoms. the entire set up is top notch. the end result is far far better than the some of its parts. you might have to do some hunting, but its more than worth it.
thanks for the easy transaction. outstanding membr of our fair head-fi community. i wont hesitate to purchase more items from goober-george.
...they werent bad.
im selling these with the original cable, also have the cable pro's ear candy connected now... for the both items 180. contact me for pic. ...SOLD
i love mine! i dug it so much!!!, after trying it with my (with all do respect a "b*!! sh!t) amp that i got used for a 100 bucks... i sold my audio research integrated amp. whats your budget?
mulveling thats exactly what i was looking for.
my people are big on the low wattage rigs... mating them with full range speakers. there really must be something to it, so many respected opnions dig that type of set up.
i have contacted craig regarding this matter. he mentioned he was using it for a pre amp as will paired with colossal gas ampzilla amps. he also mentioned electra print. i have yet to try the zana as a pre amp, but i dont have a separate amp thats worth the effort. im curious has anyone else tried and what results have you heard? is it truly a worthy hi-fi center piece?
accidentally posted twice
al, lemma know when the blue hawaii is back in full swing would love to get it a listen, ill bring the zana.
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