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is there a list of the headphones and iems that accudio have in it's base ? does it have soundmagic e10 or prodj100 or koss ksc75?? whats the diference between the free app and the 5$ app? the have the same images and description.   thanks a lot for the info.
Hi, a month ago i decided to buy a cowon x9, i was kinda happy with it (altough i missed bluetooth) but two days ago it freeze, i tried to restart it and it just turn black, i cant turn it on now, it has guarantee so i am going to return it, now i dont know what to buy, in the store there are still some cowon j3 and i thought getting one (as i already bought a 32gb sd card), but i keep reading everywhere that it breaks down really fast and i want a device that sticks...
i dont know if somebody asked this before but how long will the battery last aprox?
Is the UI too bad?
I read that cowon will come out with a upgraded j3 in summer 2013, does somebody know anything about this?
something like the cowon j3, or mabe somebody know where to buy it?
Hi, i have a ipod touch 4g and i was kinda happy with  it but i want to upgrade it (it's the 8gb and i am constantly out of space, also it doesnt let my porta pro sound at it's 100%) i was considering an ipod 5 32gb but reading i liked the cowon devices more (i dont play with it) but many of them are unavailable, im really tired of reading pages and pages and not founding the right for me, please help me, some important characteristics:   1. Bluetooth 2. Space...
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