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I agree, I removed the tape too.
  I own a Galaxy note II.  I have both the MH1c now, along with the 8320.
I have no life either so I wasted another abing hours all my tips and tricks.   Comply t-400 tips on backwards with the tape mod still gets my vote. It's likely all in my head but try as I might, I can't get them to sound better.   I have to keep reminding myself, it's all about the tube, stupid. Don't block it or impede it. Then all I need is a good seal. Deep is probably better but a good seal at all, will be an improvement over stock.   .
Good thing this is a hobby and not a business.
Explain this mod please.
There is another tip out there that is less money and said to better. I lost the name, all I know it was also foam and I think it was made in the UK. The advantage the person claimed was that it had a tube that run the length of the tip. Why is that better?   Some people claim the comply's sound muffled because of the short tube. Some people are trimming them, others mounting them backwards to avoid the problem. I looked again and tried to find the name but couldn't. If...
On mine, taping up that hole gave it more bass. It wasn't clean bass but there was more. My guess is, they figured out if they drilled a hole that the bass would be more balanced with mids and highs. You can also tape up the hole and punch a smaller hole in it.
Awesome and thanks!   I'm on Persues, I've been using stweaks, and noozxoide eizo rewire, it sounds very nice but not sure I'm getting everything out of it. This gives me something else to compare it to.
I just got my Note II. Sounds good already but wondering how I might improve the sound.   Software, firmware, hardware?   Tips, suggestions and links would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks!
I found the exact same thing so I put the Comply on backward. Now, the inside tube shoots straight down the ear canal and nothing get's lost. Doing it that way also keeps the ends opens should the end of the tip be hitting skin inside the ear. I think I read where the muffle comes from the tube inside the foam tips not going to the end. Some people are trimming the excess foam off the Comply's I read.
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