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Anybody knows how to wear R1 ? I mean we must cross its cable from back of our ears or we must wear it normal ?
You say M4 is better than others but I read M5 has better quality than M4 in its review.
I am between M5 and R1 right now :) but not decided which one is best for me yet.
Hello forum,   I am new here and I need some experience, help and thoughts about IEMs.   Firstly I have used Creative EP-630 five years ago :)   One year ago, I wanted to change it to Meelectronics M6. I have been using this over one year. But It is getting to hard wear them. Because its cable must cross back of my ears. So, I need a new earphone as normal wear.   My music taste is Rock, Metal, Pop and Blues.   I interest in Brainwavz earphones now...
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