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I might be interested. When you say, "topkit" installed, do you mean the "IBasso D10 opamp kit"? Like the one here:  ?   If so, does it come with all those chips?
Wow. Great timing. I've been struggling with this for the last couple days. Works perfectly for me on Kubuntu 9.10. Thank you so much for taking the time to write up your process and results! Jim
I have both the KSC75s and the MS-1s. I have tried the the stock comfies, Todd flats, and bowls, and to my ears there is no contest: the bowls are the way to go. Like Garret says, the flats and comfies kill all sense of space. I wonder if your disappointment with the 60s could be partially because of the pads... that, and poor amplification. Given that, the MS-1s (with bowls) sound warmer, more rich on complex sounds, with a slightly reduced sound stage. For me, the...
AdamWill: Thanks so much for posting this. It made the installation completely trouble-free.
I'd like to attend too. I just got my Alessandros MS-1s that I can bring.
I ordered a pair of MS-1s on the same day as you, Sinetwo -- Saturday night/Sunday morning at 1AM. Let's compare notes on how long it takes to get them. They still haven't charged my credit card though... so that makes me think that they havent yet shipped.
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