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 That's my wonder. Basically, I wonder if they give they give extra attention to those that pay the rush fee. Or, if maybe they have their more experienced craftsmen work on those. It would be interesting to take a poll of those who did and didn't pay the rush fee to see if there were more poor fits and bubbles throughout the acrylic, on average, for either group (rush vs. standard). I don't doubt that mine could have just been a fluke, though. 
This is true. I can't vouch for the exact cost (but I think that it is probably correct or around there), but I have recently seen JHA post on Twitter or Facebook about this this option to someone who asked about a years-old refit due to aging and changing ears. 
Thanks rawrster for sharing your experience. My first delivery was at almost exactly 4 weeks from the date that JHA received my impressions. After quickly realizing the bad fit, I got a 2nd set of good impressions and sent everything back. It's been now over 2 weeks since JHA received my returned JH-13s and new (and redundant) impressions. At least your experience and timeline gives me some context (in the absence of updates from JHA). I just hope that *something* is...
  I agree. If your impressions are bad, then your result is almost guaranteed to be bad, regardless of quality workmanship (or lack thereof). In contrast, my impressions were good (I've done this before), and somehow the resulting CIEMs were misshapen. I can't 100% assign blame, because something strange could have happened in shipping. But, the poor workmanship coupled with the misfit, then further coupled with long periods of no/poor communication, starts to paint a...
 I'm going to lend another vote for this. I didn't pay the extra $100 "rush fee", and I waited in frustration as I read comments from others who ordered after me and got their JH-13s before me and reported perfect fits. When I got mine, they were quite bad: ridiculously bad fit and tons of bubbles throughout the acrylic. They looked like whoever made them didn't care at all. I sent them back with a set of newly made impressions — both to demonstrate how off they were and...
Muski, Thanks for trying this and posting your results.
Crap. Same situation here with iBasso D12 — worked with iOS 3.2, but now says that it requires too much power. Man, am I bummed about that.
OK guys, iOS 4.2 just came out today!    Anyone with an iPhone 4 able to verify that it does or does not work with the Camera Connection Kit to output digital USB audio out?   I'd love to get an iPhone 4 if it supports an external DAC/amp. Currently carrying around the iPad for such, but it's a bit big for a pocket.
Does anyone here have a developer release of iOS 4.2 that can try to see if the digital out works on, say, an iPhone 4?
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