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Cool. Just added myself!
A900LTD They're more handy than the RS2 in a lot of ways. More sturdy, comfortable, and provides better isolation from noise (coming from my computer). So I have them for everyday use. Saving my Grados for those moments of serious hi-fi listening.
Quote: Originally Posted by markl I'm completely against the balkanization of Head-Fi. I was against the High-End forum (and now that we've seen it in operation for some time, does anyone see any value add?), I'm against this one, too. What do we call the regular headphone section, "Mid-Fi Fi"? Are we going to be building in some class warfare into the site? How about we make a "Tube-Fi" while we're at it, 'cause hey, the tube dudes need their own...
Quote: Originally Posted by soloz2 ouch, I'm glad I ordered before they hiked the price! I'll have one on Friday. The thing you have to remember is that, yes there likely are and will be better cards out if you're purely looking for sound quality, but there's a segment of us who are hardcore gamers, were gamers long before we 'discovered' hi-fi and our computers primary function (aside from getting work done) is gaming. So, if you want the best...
Ok made some reading, Itunes in Mac OS is supposed to be bit perfect, as long as the volume is set to max and no eq is active. So it sure sounds a bit strange that the sound quality is that bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chri5peed There is a foobar pass-thru for itunes to play bit-perfect. But foobar isn't available for mac.
So maybe you need to switch media player, or worse, get a new soundcard. :/
I could be totally wrong here but, but maybe it has something to do with the computer not outputting the signal bit-perfect. Does your soundcard support Kernel Streaming or ASIO? Itunes don't, from what I know.
Ok, maybe I'll try it tomorrow.I gotta go to bed now.
Quote: Originally Posted by wualta You don't need to pull the earpads off; all you need do is push or scrape in with your thumbnail to uncover the screw heads. See Joop's photo.. find where the screw heads are. The screws are located under the pads so there is no way for me to get to them without pulling the pads off. They are fully enclosed by the pads so it' impossible for me...
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