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To save other time, neither debenhams or house of Frasier on oxford street have any headphones.. Also John Lewis have removed the sennheiser display area for other electricals so now displays are limited to a lot of bower &Wilkins p5/p3s along with the B&O range and a few Bose and monster.
Also Will probably pop into Harrods and harvey nicks to see what they have on, anyone been?
Selfridges have the t70 on display to try on, very comfy they were too! But couldnt see a plug to put into my ipod. Im sure if you as they will let you try those.
Not been overly happy with the 7g classic stock and didnt want to rockbox without dual boot so bought a 5g too. Observations using same headphones (will differ) and exact same tracks 1) the 5g is significantly louder than the 7g When playing the same track on my 80ohm dt770 I can relatively easily listen at full volume, the sound seems weak and I feel they are not powering them sufficiently, on the 5g I estimate the volume is 20-30% higher. My dt770 80ohm seem harder...
Visited Selfridges on Oxford street today, they had a decent selection inc the Ultrasone Signature DJ, 750 and 900 for try on with your own music, along with various akg, shures, bowers, sennheisers inc momentum and amperior. Could also try on Bayer t70p. Had more but cant remember rest. Was good as was a able to rule out a few I thought would suit me. Also they had various on others on display such as edition 10, high end shures, senn 800, John lewis had a less...
IPod classic + rock box?
Just to check I am not going mad, just put on Lil Wayne song 'a milli' using a fiio lod with an ipod into the sonos and my hd650's are rumbling!!! And vocals are still clear. For a hd650 which doesnt focus normally on subbass very surprising indeed.
Any Sonos owners about? Then read this I am currently feeling respectable subbass on a hd650!!!!!!
Just hooked up my hd650 to my play 5 and put the bass onto full using the sonos app. Was pleasanty surprised at how much better they became for bassy music without muffling the mids. So any owners, give it a go!
Hello, Just tried the iPod classic 7g eq settings while listening to it via a fiio lod and a portable amp. My understanding was that LOD would bypass any ipod internals but is not the case, the eq settings effect the sound produced by the line out i.e. choosing bass boost, vocal boot, treble boost etc all clearly cause a change. Is this supposed to be the case??
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