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Hi, I'm looking for a new headphone. I'm currently looking at Audio Techinca A900X, Sennheiser HD 650, and Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs. I mostly listen to K-pop, which one of these headphones would be best? I'm open to other suggestions as well.
Hi, I recently purchased a Schiit Stack combo, unfortunately their cables were out of stock so I need a replacement. My budget is $50 any recommendations?
  EQ settings for my hd 598   more bass and more forward vocals.
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll have him look into them.
Hello, a fellow friend of mine is interested in new headphones. He mostly listens to hip hop/rap is looking for closed headphones with good boomy bass with clear somewhat forward midrange/vocals as well his budget is under $200 any suggestions?
Only when I find the recording needs some adjustments.
I was also considering the Magni. Thanks for your help!
I have my eye on the Schiit Modi USB DAC my guess would be just a simple USB Cable A to B cable?
So which would be better. Getting a USB DAC or a SPDIF DAC?
I heard the DAC will just bypass the Soundcard? (I'm a noob.)
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