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Still selling the Trumpets?
Still selling the Trumpets?
Hey all, I bought these here and want to sell them here too. Looking for $40 plus shipping, carrier of your choice.   They've served me well, and still sound perfect. They have a few cosmetic blemishes, but they still are completely sturdy; no structural damage.   I currently have custom shields on as you can see in the pictures, but I can put the black ones back on for you. If you don't want the CAKE blue shields, let me know because I'll keep them.   Comes with...
Big ole' plus one to this post. I haven't built anything substantial in TIDAL but do have some subscribed playlists I'd like to migrate and I haven't found a method to do so yet.
I just picked up a pair from Best Buy, and they seem to put out some good sound. It seems live, but not so much as the old ones, which would totally overpower the vocals/mids. The bass still covers the mids a little bit, but it's toned down. The main thing I've noticed, though, is the hiss of the noise cancelling. I exchanged them for another pair and they put out the same, annoying hiss that I did not notice on the old studios (although it's possible my active...
SOLD   Like new headphones. Original owner since late January. Cannot find anything wrong with them, and they sound great. Comes with case, cords, box, everything that it originally shipped with.  I will ship USPS Priority to PayPal confirmed addresses. Contact me to work something out if you want International shipping, but I am located in the US. I am cutting back, as I need money to pay for food/college. Thanks for looking!
Thanks, that obviously answers my questions.
If more companies would just sell an unlocked device from their own store at a reasonable price (like Google), maybe we would have less of this problem...
Just have to say, these earbuds aren't the finest looking to begin with, but the last thing I would want sticking out of my ear walking down the street is flash-colored goo...
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