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Cool site, while i cant read Hangul, Google translate does enough to be able to make the site navigable (sort of). I didn't find the green trimmed site but I believe i found the used section anyway, see below. In the left-most, drop-down menu of the menu-bar across the top of the site click the MP3/PMP brand you want, scroll down a little bit to the list of products... and this is where it gets a bit dicey... there are three tabs at the top of that list the left-most seems...
 Just out of curiosity, where in Korea did you find those? I currently live in Seoul and would love to pick up a Cowon or two at those prices!
Thanks for the response skamp, i took a look at the DX100... an impressive peace of hardware, a bit pricey but impressive all the same.
Regardless of humans hearing ranges or my hearing range, I didn't post this thread intending an argument on the subject... Has anyone ever seen a portable source with a range outside of the standard 20Hz-20KHz?
I'll start browsing the threads in that section then, any suggestions or threads you've found particularly informative?   >>NZtechfreak: I take a hearing test once a year and have above average hearing... by no means super human but still, no need to snub.
Hello everyone, first post in your rather informative forums, and as such i don't think there could be a better place to ask my question!   If I did somehow miss a thread containing my question during my search, please point me in that direction, if not then this thread should be of some educational value to future searches.   My current setup: Sennheiser HD 558's (purchased after reading many reviews and crawling this forum, best bang in my price range) FiiO...
New Posts  All Forums: