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Same here, photo, date and where you bought it.
Burson.......   Just a warning.   So I needed to reinstall Windows, then the Conductor drivers, but somehow deleted the original download, well it seems the link for the drivers takes you to a website named "4shared" that is full of questionable ads, and probably malware.   Tried two different links provided in that website and both were funny looking .EXE files. If it wasn't because I knew Burson provided those in RAR/ZIP files, I would've open them.   Anyway,...
Exactly, and trying to keep it semi-portable as well.
Received the Concero HP last week to pair with LCD-3, pretty happy with it, much better than the ALO Pan am, really like the small frame, can't believe this thing is powered by USB. 
Hey, if it ain't broke....
For me it was worth it, I was having issues with the old Tenor interface, and the sound improvement was instantly noticed. It's easy to install, you need to take the sides out. But it's all held by a few hex screws hex. Hard to break anything, this think is a little tank. The only issue is the way burson ships the card, basically two foams with tape around it. There are some pics in this thread. Also it seems to have some issues with OSX.
I noticed more detail and instrument separation right away, I listen to a lot of classical. and so far a bug free experience :)
I went the cheaper route with the USB upgrade, I'm pretty happy with it I was about to get the audiophileo, then opted for the Concero, it also doubles as spdif converter if I ever need to use it that way.
What would be a step foward without doubling or tripling the price? Honest question.I recently got the Concero, but just for the DSD capabilities.
It looks very nice, specially the silver one, it has the Yulong looks, but the screen seems to do a bit more with the audio spectrum display, not to mention balanced and single output on the front. And of course the ESS 9018.
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