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Is the Mogami Miniquad an alright wire for a recable diy or would some generic TFC hook-up wire or even OFC hook-up wire be just as good?
I would love to know this also :P
EDIT: Was informed the Mogami W2799 Mini Quad is the wrong product so i'm switching to Mogami W2893 Mini Quad HEATSHRINK Firstly i'm assuming the type of heatshrink I need is PVC material with 2:1 shrink rate and I don't need to deal with any adhesive type shrink wrap. What size of heatshrink am I gonna wanna use for the Mogami W2799 Mini Quad Mogami W2893 Mini Quad? I think I saw a thread with someone saying for the Y they use 1/16" tubbing to isolate all of...
WOW that's such a good price considering the Ultrasone store has them for $250 still :P I don't think $150 could get me better quality headphones unless you mean taking the cable cost into account. What does a recable generally cost in that case? Am I just wasting my energy looking this stuff up when I should just sell my cans and find something better for ~200$?   CABLES So those links have cables for 2$/foot? Isn't that a bit expensive? $35 for 16 feet...
Ouch >.< Ill keep that in mind for sure. Now onto figuring out cable stuff! I just don't know what to look for when trying to recable. Does the gauge of the wire have anything to do with how well the cans are driven? Like does a smaller wire not work well for full size cans or does it just have to do with durability?
Ill def look into that later. I was thinking something cheap that could last me a handful of projects would be fine with me but then again its 20$ for something I expect to break :/
I am really interested in recabling my HFI-780s and making a male to male headphone connector to plug my media player into my amp but I cant seem to find a clear answer on the best way to go about this. I have been looking around and found good resources but don't know what to look for and where the best prices/products are. I don't know what to get for cables/connectors/sleeves/whatever else I need and where. There's just so much!   I prefer one connection but...
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