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So I did my first cable! Its a small interconnect for my car. Mogami W2893 4 Conductor 26 AWG Miniature Quad Rean NYS231L Plug 3.5mm Stereo - Nickel/Silver - 6mm Cable OD/24 AWG Various Shrink Tubing Non-Adhesive      
Sounds like the Sony hybrids would work better for my money situation. Thanks for the info! Do you know how much they usually sell for before I just purchase off amazon if they have any?
Yes I'm speaking about the me electronics M6. Well what I'm saying is not even the small tri-flags fit for me. The only thing that seems to give a consistent and proper fit is the smallest single flange - the normal type of tips that come with most earbuds. With the bi or tri flange tips I was able to get a very inconsistent fit but when I did get the proper fit I did notice an improvement over these normal tips. The downside was any jaw movement or head movement would...
I seem to be having issues with the M6 tips that came with the IEMs. I have very small ears so the only tips that fit my ear are the smallest size single flange tips. I read that the tri-flangs are necessary for improved sound quality and I need some help on what to do. Should I purchase a different tip or just stick with the single flange?   Thanks :P
So what size shrink tubing do you guys think I should pick up for my recable job? Currently just have a bunch of sizes in my cart but I would much rather have the ones I need then random stuff. What sizes do you use most often with Mogami W2893? Do you use adhesive type at all? I have a hard time finding it.
Just made this for fun and practice braiding while I'm waiting on figuring out what materials i'm gonna get for my recabling job. Man Cat5 has so much memory to it lol   Crappy phone pic
What are those connectors right there? They look like screw in while being the perfect size for attachment to cans. I might pick some of these up for my mod.
Sounds good. Made the alteration in my cart. Thanks for that heads up. @ limpidglitch Now you said in my thread that these wont fit the 2893 so what should I be using instead? The larger versions here?
K ill add a couple more sizes of shrink tube in there with my order.   What would you suggest for plugs if these don't fit? They have a larger version listed here. Is that what I should be using?
Thank you for using the item number. I was about to place an order for W2799 which looks to have a thicker casing and less capacitance? idk what that even means lol. I really like the paracord idea. Is it possible to do it with the W2893? What size is easiest to work with?     I have a thread up asking for help with all of this type of stuff because I'm so new to this. If you get a chance and care to help me out feel free to look it over and tell me what im missing.
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