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Although I am aware that many of the vid reviews show people talking about mixing/recording with the M50s, this is what I mean about going overboard for a casual listener. I'm always weary of the 'studio' label but I guess I'm just being lame...wish the M50s looked a little better and it would be sealed. 
I have to admit I love the look of the ATH M50s. There's some great reviews on them and they're about £100 delivered ($160) in the UK - although they're on Amazon US for $105 so it might be worth my asking about overseas delivery to work out cheaper.  Soundstige you don't agree though?
Hello! I have done some of my own research, it's not that I'm lazy, but I just keep going back and fourth and cannot for the life of me decide on a solid pair. Basically I'm after a mid-range (price) pair of headphones with the following of utmost importance:    Important:   - Little to no sound leakage (most important aspect, I travel on trains a lot) - On/Over-ear as I'll be getting some cheapish in-ear for gym work.  - Looks stylish (enough) -...
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