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@jant71    Would you happen to have a pair of B&W C5 S2's to compare this to by any chance?
@Kameenadesi Any updates for us eager chaps? :D
@Kameenadesi. How's that comparison coming? Also, does any of the CKS1100is owners happen to have compared them with the B&W C5 series 2s?
Okay here it is and I'll keep it really short. The store I visited only had the P200 and below models and the opinions I express are for the P200 only. Bottom line, it's perfect for it's intended mobile listening purpose. It looks like a closed unit, but if you look closer, you'll see openings on the out edges of the cups, so it does leak sound in and out, but not as bad as fully open headsets like Grado's. It's built very well. Style and color depends on personal...
Just had a quick listen to the P200. Deafeningly loud and very impactfull bass (played via an iPhone5). Highs and mids sounded very pronounced and in my face (it probably was the techno track the guy played for me with thumping bass and screechy electronic sound). It was listed in the Harvey Norman store at AUD$349, the sales guy offered it to me (without me even asking for a discount) at $279, which means any Ausy buyers can squeeze the price a bit more if they are...
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