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 Honestly part of the reason I want to try out vinyl is because I won't have to stare at a laptop screen. Do that way too much already. So I wanted something like vinyl. And getting some vinyls shouldn't be a problem. So what should I get besides that?
Hello   My current setup is my laptop, a magni/modi, and the sennheiser hd 600. I want to keep using my headphones for a while. So what else would I need? Hoping I won't have to spend more than $500. 
Hi Probably not the best place to ask... But I need help. Problem is there seems to be like a texture pop in. I know I need to do this "DISABLE TEXTURE STEAMING - This will fix texture pop-in r_TexturesStreaming 0" But when i type r_TexturesStreaming 0 when I press ~. It says system has to restart. But when I restart it, it seems like I'm just back to where I started with it telling me to restart?!?   Or can someone tell me somewhere that could help me out, like a...
Yeah I got most of that . Thanks!
Hey guys   So I just got a new asus gaming laptop which I'll be using mostly for gaming. So I got most of the normal apps installed like Ccleaner, Flux, Fraps and HW Moniter.    So do you guys know any other apps that are really useful?? Thanks!
So I just recently got my old iphone 4s back. I've been using another phone cause I left the country. So now that I'm back I got my numbers transferred over my phone to my old iphone. I had icloud on my itunes places all the apps back onto my iphone 4s. So today is the first day that I've been using my iphone and the battery is draining crazy fast. I've only been using twitter and after an hour I went from 90% battery to 50 %. And the iphone is really hot. I read online...
Yeah I'm pretty excited, sadly I can barely play the game on a low setting for graphics due to my laptop's weak graphic card. Do you have any suggestions on how I could get it better without having to buy a new soundcard?
Just started Tomb Raider fun stuff!
Anyone else finished this game? I just started it today and love it!!!!
Are the hd 600 they sell brand new ones though? I heard they sold used.
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