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I guess you can just unscrew the metal head lol. There seems to be a foam insert and the head does smell like a tire fire. Can I just toss the head piece in the dish washer...?   Seems like most the smell is on the metal mesh and foam insert, there are no lubricants or greases that I can see or feel on the insides.      
bump   So the smell hasnt dissipated much so far the second day of using the mic. Not sure if there is a way to air it out better or maybe the metal mesh needs cleaned or something.
Hey guys I wasn't sure where to post this as well as this is the only audio related forum/site I really browse and have signed up for.   I recently started having issues with my older Yeti microphone with it freezing up etc. I use it mainly as a teamspeak or voip microphone. Since it can pretty much pick up what the neighbors are doing across the street even in front cardioid mode I took this opportunity to get a new mic and maybe do some vocals. (The yeti was my first...
Ok, I'm not sure where to exactly post this but I figured this is a great site to ask the question.   I recently purchased my first microphone (Blue Yeti) and want to find a software solution to do some sort of real time filtering of white noise (particularly computer fans) so I can stream over xsplit for my gaming live streams, on teamspeak, etc. I don't do this for money so I want something cheapish or freeware.   I've found this very hard to google for as most...
Maybe look into the Koss DJ100's scored them and a fiio e6 for 70 bucks on amazon. Did tons of research on those you mentioned as well in my search and couldn't skip the reviews and price for the dj100's.
Ok so I'm listening to the Koss right now, sound great granted I'm not using FLAC files. Best 44 bucks i've spent on headphones. Also the e6 boosts the crap outta the headphones.   I also use DFX on my pc so it helps a lot with tweaking and also boosts the sound.   Very neutral bass as well. Not a basshead bit still would like more then again could be my onboard soundcard?
Hope I made the right choice with these headphones. I really had my eye on the ATH-M50's but amazon had the dj100's on sale for 44 they are now over 60 the day after I bought them.   I don't know what to expect in an audiophile sense as I have none. I know my 5.1 turtles. This is them http://www.turtlebeach.com/product-detail/headsets-legacy/ear-force-hpa2/237 can I expect them to be better than those. I found them to be freaking amazing, granted built for gaming...
Why the e5 over the e6? I already ordered the e6 and dj100's and they are on their way. I read that the e6 has everything teh e5 did but more refined and don't look like a shuffle
Looks like I will be getting the DJ100's
The DT770's look great but way out of my price range. Darthman if you had to choose would you take the ath or dj100?   I can get a Fiio e6 and the dj100's for under 70 on amazon which is a price I like but still undecided
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