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   I love portraits  And, nice work!
Latest work.   Door #1   
 Under the shadow of the iphone :)
Recent work.  This is straight out of camera with no edits.   Rendezvous - Forgotten Yesterdays         
 Zeiss 35mm at f/4.  Most MF lenses are just as sharp as the new AF lenses.  They just render colours differently.  
Windswept Days   Candid portraiture with 35mm manual focus lens.  
 The K3003i comes with three filters, but only the reference filter is a good choice.  I would say that the K3003i is more neutral and accurate relative to the IE800.  IE800 has a warmer sound signature and never fatiguing at all.  I believe this is the Sennheiser house sound. K3003i is great for an analytical listen with its bigger soundstage compared to the IE800, but the IE800 is more easily matched to different sources in my experience. Both are great, and I enjoy both...
Selling a MINT condition Sennheiser IE800 IEM + the optional RCS 800 inline remote + microphone for handsfree use.     The remote and mic is worth $100+ by itself and is only available separately.   Only selling this as a complete package.     I will ship free CONUS.  Add 3% if not using paypal gift option.
New Posts  All Forums: