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Enjoyed the first two most:) Are these HDR? Especially liked the tones and shadows in the second one.
Let me tell you- I waited 10 months to receive my Carbon fiber Roxanne.10 months.And right now it is still not good to use.
 Headshots are fine.  I take many headshots myself and it helps you concentrate on how the light interacts with your subject's face, and the way the shadows alter the image.  For full-body shots, you will likely find that one light may not be enough to properly expose her entire body, and you will see dramatic difference in skin tones as a result.   I agree that the last photo is the best of the set, it does not have any overly exposed areas like the second photo (her...
Selling a mint set of black Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear headphones.  These are excellent portable headphones, and sound much better than the on-ear Momentums. Includes all accessories and even the original box as well.   Shipping to CONUS is on me.     Paypal fees extra if you wish to add them.
Do you guys think it's worth upgrading from a Wave 64 to a Wave 128 for the dual DAC and dual amp?   The extra $560 will buy a nice portable amp that I could use on other devices....
 What are you using as a DAP? This tells me that your DAP might be too cold.  The K3003 is neutral, with just a slight hint of warmth.  If I use it with a cold DAP, it will sound like what you described. Try pairing it with something else and see what you think.
 I really can't comment, but I can surely speculate that even the Geek Wave 64 will be a competitive product among other DAPs. The 8200CDQ is good, and even the internal headphone amp is decent.  However, keep in mind that it does not play DSD files so the Geek Wave should at least have an advantage in that sense. I kept toying with the idea of upgrading from a Geek Wave 64 to a 128, but maybe the law of diminishing returns will hit hard.  Plus, there is no scheduled...
 Good start.  Don't be afraid to experiment with the lights.  If you really want to learn about lighting, it would be best to shoot with one light in the beginning.  This way, you understand exactly what your light is doing on your subject.  Look at the pictures and decide what you want to improve about them, and repeat. Which one of these photos is your favourite, and why?
 Very nice, especially that last photo. 
And one more:  
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