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Neither just very meticulous colouring in photoshop.
Price reduced to 245 USD.     Note: ships from USA.
Now $650. Will remove ad once sold.
"My Vivid Dream"   © 2016   Shot this in a beautiful garden.     I wanted to tell a story about a dreamscape where the beautiful but surreal colours unraveled a world of mystery.         
Would it be wise to buy a Mojo now, or to wait until the Chord announcement that is coming on January 5th?     I am really curious if the new products will replace or complement the existing Mojo.
  Thanks guys.  I usually don't worry about warranty issues with electronics much.  The warranty period is often just 1 or 2 years, and as an engineer, we see that electronics often fail at the beginning of their life (manufacturing defects), or towards the end (design life/component life expectancy), and usually not much in between.  Well, unless there has been some abuse or abnormal use, like people who don't take care of their earbuds and pull them by the cable or trip...
Looks to be expired, but thanks!
Could anyone suggest a good place to buy the Chord Mojo?  The deal is now dead.
 Thanks.  So, that means a DAC is absolutely necessary when using the lightning port as output.   I am so glad that the headphone jack has not been axed on the ipads yet.
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