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 I visit the George Eastman House every once in a while :)  What do you recommend in the area?
I have never visited the real Grand Canyon, but living on the East Coast, I was very excited to learn about the Letchworth State Park recently, or "Grand Canyon of the East Coast". When I arrived, it was close to sunset, so I couldn't get many photos, but it was still a great experience    More landscapes and portraits on my instagram.  Wishing I could travel more.      
Selling my brand new Noble X IEM because I need the money more than the IEMs at the moment.  Great IEMs and many solid reviews everywhere.  My loss is your gain.   First class shipping is included in the price, with tracking and insurance.  
If anyone is interested, I have a pair of these Noble X IEMs that I am selling.   They are brand new inside the box and never used.  Need the money now, which is why they have to go.    Please message me directly.  Will ship from New York.
Hello friends and happy Sunday! What interests you the most about photography? Is it the gear, the community, or something else entirely? What about videography?
Neither just very meticulous colouring in photoshop.
Price reduced to 245 USD.     Note: ships from USA.
Now $650. Will remove ad once sold.
"My Vivid Dream"   © 2016   Shot this in a beautiful garden.     I wanted to tell a story about a dreamscape where the beautiful but surreal colours unraveled a world of mystery.         
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