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 The mood is nice! But I think these photos have more impact when presented one-by-one.  
Latest work     Heart of Darkness    
Dark Visions   From last night.  
 I shot this handheld with a Fuji X100 (the original model). 23mm (35mm equivalent on full frame) f/2.8 at ISO 1600 No editting, straight out of camera!
 This series is about two people looking for each other through the night in the rain.  Part 2 will feature a girl in the rain, searching through similar places under the glow of the many lights of the night.  Two people looking in all the right places, separated only by time. Stay tuned for Part 2 - Surreal Visions ! 
From my series: Missing in the Night   I will be shooting Part 2 soon.    
 Zeiss Batis 85/1.8 is my choice.   Wide aperture is nice on paper, but I have not even used f/1.8 on full frame.  It's partially due to the mediocrity of the AF on the A7, and partially due to my current style of shooting.
I just pre-ordered a 85mm lens for portraiture.  Exciting times ahead!   This one below was taken with a 50mm, but cropped. Natural light only.    Wardrobe styling by me.  Makeup by the model.  
 One of my fav. Nice work bud!
 I always use the centre focus point only.  If my subject is not in the centre, I just focus and recompose the image.   Also, for the way I work, I turn off autofocus at the shutter release button.  Instead, I focus using a separate button (AE/AF lock) so I don't have to refocus and lose precious time.  In portraiture, your subjects should not be moving much from the same focal plane.   For multiple subjects, it's best to focus 2/3rds into the frame.  So, in your photo...
New Posts  All Forums: