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Looking to get a over head open headphone around $200-250 that's also warm and fun. I don't want the soundstage to be too wide and don't plan on getting an amp so I'm looking for a headphone that doesn't need an amp. Anyone have any suggestions for me to look at?
So I got the JDS CD5 and it recommended that I set the player to 75% volume on my laptop, which I assume is itunes. Does this actually do anything or would setting it to 100% volume on itunes work better and then control volume through my amp?
Anyone here tried powering a q701 with these? How do they sound? Is the power enough?
Looking for my next IEM an I was wondering what I could get in the price range of $200 or less that might fit the bill?   I listen to a wide variety of music but value soundstage and clarity over things like bass. I don't really have a sound signature in mind , but it would be nice if it had the same, if not better sound isolating qualities as the Klipsch x10s
For all of those you with a q701 as well, is it worth it to get a q701 if I already have a m-80, especially if I'm going to get a amp/dac combo as well?
Thanks for spending the time to write that stuff up, it makes a lot of stuff clearer. Guess I have to go and listen to an amp myself to kinda tell what's going on but Iyou explained it well enough :)
I've already got a v-moda m80, but apparently it doesn't really get much use out of an amplifier. Will I be getting a noticeable upgrade if I get a q701? And can anyone give me a quick crash course or run down on what the amp actually does? People always tell me it brings out the oomph in music, but all I get from that statement is that it just makes it louder. And will the CD5 amp/dac combo let me get everything I want out of the q701? What does converting from digital to...
Hey guys complete headphone/amp newbie here.   I've only bought headphones in the past and never had the need for an amp and only have a laptop with onboard sound + iphone for music. However I'm hoping to get a q701 and amp, only problem is I have no idea what to do or how to start. Say I get the q701, do I need an amp with it? Is it possible to amp an iphone 5? Is there a beginners amp I can get that will satisfy use on both laptop and iphone 5?
Open are fine with me because I figure my IEMs will fill the closed headphone role (kinda)
I was going to ask this in the recommendation thread but I figured that a you guys would probably be more knowledgeable on getting a headphone / iem with an excellent soundstage. I currently have a v-moda m80 and had a klipsch x10, and while they are/were pretty good clarity wise, their soundstages left something to be desired (especially the v-moda, which has a little difficulty differentiating between front and back noises imo).   Anyone have glowing recommendations...
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