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And compare to the gr02bass? I'm afraid of buying a fake sony. I'm sure the vsonic woulld be genuine. I'm waiting a little, maybe there will be some xmas discount at us. But now i font have any time for shopping :)
I'm considering to buy one of these: soundmagic e10, brainwavz r1, m5, vsonic gr99, gr02 bass. Which do you recommend out of these?  I listen to calssics, rock, metal, pop-rnb, and disco too. I've seen a lot of tests, and the conclusion is I should buy the gr02bass. Are you agree with that?
I went today to a sony center and asked for the hm1c earphone. And they said, this is for only new sony phones, and with other phone or other stuff it does not work. It has a new type of jack 3.5, and its compatible with only new sony phones. No ipods or other stuff will work with that. Is this true? Or the saleman go insane? This costs at us (in the sony center) 65 usd, so its not cheap (for me). So I think he would rather be happy to sell one of these things. What do...
Yepp, It wold be the best to listen my favorite sogns with many IEM, but I don't have the opportunity to do that. :( That's why I asked you. :) I really liked the MH1C (on the basis of tests), until i found out it have an assimetric cable. I prefer the normal simetric cable to the assimetric. So it is out of the list :(   Haveyou any advise for me? Or can you offer any IEM? THX!
I have found this:   It basicly says is should buy a Vsonic, because it is lot better, than other IEM at the same price.
Does the sony have a simetric cable version? My cx300 was assimetric, and I didnt really like it :(
The sony costs twice as the jvc. But I will search for the jvc. It is as good as the cx400?
hy!   My cx400 sennheiser broke a few weeks ago, and I want a worthy replacement. I listen to calssics, rock, metal, pop-rnb, and elektric too. I think the cx400 was great for me, and I want an IEM on the same level of sound and build quality. What do you offer for $30?   I have find some, but I dont know how good they are compare to the cx400.     Brainwavz R1 $30 Brainwavz M5 $31 Brainwavz M2 $35 VSonic GR99 $27 VSonic GR02 $32 VSonic GR02...
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