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Purchased second hand but barely used. Not misshapen as the pads do fit the mould as to where they should comfortably sit but not in a 'locked' position.
Have been living with loose earpads now for quite a while and wondered if there is a simple non invasive (audio wise) way to keep my HD800 earpads from falling off. Or is it simply a matter of replacing them with new pads?
Have taken possession of a new SBT and immediately noticed that the supplied power plug is parallel pin. I'm sure all you SBT owners have an answer for this...or even the non owners. Is it a matter of getting a different power supply? For USA posters, our Australian socket is angled not parallel pin
There is a very clean almost clinical sound that after a long listen can fatigue a bit. Have heard the Metrum is less so
DNA Sonet, HD800's, SBT, Oppo bd-95, audio research LS3, audio innovations s1000 mono blocs, image r38 revelators (poac clones) motiva xpa 3, umc-1
As above, will i notice a difference between the two? (apart from no balanced outs) I currently have the Lavry and am looking to get the Metrum
Hi all, Apologies if this is in the wrong forum but not sure where this should go... Have the following array. Lavry DA11, DNA Sonett, Denon 3930 and HD800. My question is the best way to connect all including best cables to get optimal sound. I am very new to this set up, so, apologies if this is basic stuff
Wow...this has gone off into areas that I wasn't expecting. Cant wait til I ask a complex question! In any case, I have landed on a DNA Sonett which hopefully will improve my listening experience. Have a friend who uses one with his HD800's and swears by them. We'll see...I bet this will now kick off other posts re the Sonett...start your engines now...
Looking to maximise the potential given that $500 is my budget. Used is fine too. Very new to this environment. Hanks
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