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Used Fischer Audio DBA-02 mk2 for sale. Great cosmetic and working condition. See pictures for included accessories. Shipping worldwide for $7 with registered airmail. Gift or add 3.3%.
TDK neo:n 3 TH-NEC300   It is already a week I own these. I can share my impressions. The first thing that grabbed my attention about these phones was its soundstage, imaging and instrument separation. These make really good sense on scene. IEM is dark sounding, with lots of dark spaces. Sometimes it makes trouble to consecrate on the music as a whole and separate sonic soundings grab attention of the listener, causing a feeling that the music is losing some parts of...
Selling TDK neo:n 3 TH-NEC300 for japanese market. Used for a week, so in great condition. No signs of use at all. The IEM has warm, sweet sound with refined treble. Soundstage, instrument separation and imaging are outstanding. The IEM is dark sounding with lots of dark spaces. Accept PayPal. Will ship registered airmail.
Selling Etymotic HF3 and HF2 black headsets. Boxes are open and have some marks because of transportation and storage, earphones and accessories are completely new. Several units left, hurry. Asking $90 PayPal and shipping included. Will ship with tracking number.
Bought these while my tenores were on repair. Now I have my tenores and no need of these. So they are for sale. They have 20+ hours of burn-in with white noise. PayPal accepted.
Thanks for help everyone. I have decided to enlarge my budget and get Vsonic GR07 BE. I am sure every IEM under $100 won't be much step-up from zero-audios. Technically they are very good IEMs, but the matter is that I am tired of its sound just like I can be tired of any other IEM's sound. So it is better to save money and do a bigger step-up. Thank you all once again.
yes, I was thinking about vsonics too. But mostly I was deciding between VSD3 and VSD3S, aren't they better than VSD1 or 1S? Have you tried them, VSD3 or 3S I mean? Yes I did. I have read that those are very similar to FXT90 which I have owned for a long time. They are balanced indeed, but mids are quite noticeably colored. Is the same with TTPODs?I have owned X10i and I didn't like them much. They had quite good bass for BA driver, but I don't like single BA treble. The...
I liked bass on FXD80, FXT90, mids on MH1c, Visang VS-R02, hf5, treble on DBA-02 and FXD80, especially on DBA-02, I still remember BA crisp sound which Carbo Tenore fail to reproduce with their dynamic drivers. I liked very much Visang VS-R02 for their soundstage depth. The feeling that singer is in front of me and not in my head is highly appreciated. I find Carbo Tenore to be very good IEMs but their sound became boring to me and I am forced to use EQ to give extra...
Hi! I plan to buy a new IEM. I need something warm (not very warm) sounding, with lush mids, enough bass (not basshead). I like good instrument separation, and soundstage depth is really important to me. Budget is max $100. Please help. Thanks.
$50 is quite enough to make a high quality product. don't blame the price. It is already 3 years I own visang vs-r02 and no any kind of problems till now. And I am sure it will last another 3 years if not more. QC of zero-audio is a real problem for the company. This will keep me away from buying a product from them again.
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