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$50 is quite enough to make a high quality product. don't blame the price. It is already 3 years I own visang vs-r02 and no any kind of problems till now. And I am sure it will last another 3 years if not more. QC of zero-audio is a real problem for the company. This will keep me away from buying a product from them again.
The volume dropped on left side and signature changed making it sound warmer. And I decided to check the trick with air pump out while music playing. I am in absolutely quiet room, so I could fix very little sound changes during pupming out air with mouth. While process the signature gradually retuned to normal state and suddenly... click!!...driver flex happened and the earphone now sounding just awesome. The pressure appears gradually as it removes gradually too. I don't...
It didn't make me wait long. Same imbalance again. And again the left side. I think this is the end of my tenores.
I would say tenores are upgrade to hf5.
hf5 isn't. I have owned a pair. Tenores have more bass and more extended treble. The only thing better on hf5 is its speed due to BA driver.
It is easy to check. If this happens again (I hope it won't) I'll pump the air out with mouth from the little hole on the back of housing. If it solves the problem then shotgunshane is right.
The balance returned after hitting hard on housing with finger.
What can cause this to happen if not driver flex? Bad wire connection? I was lying peacefully when I noticed the big imbalance to appear. Can't imagine anything to cause it.
The following happened to my tenores 5 mins ago. The left side started to sound less loud. I am sure it wasn't because of driver flex as I use shallow fit with small tips. I kicked the housing with finger several times and the balance returned. Have anyone ever experienced this?
I've experienced driver flex with sony tips. This happened only with tight and deep fit. But I don't think it is a problem. Fxt-90 had driver flex too. I think it is common with micro-dynamic drivers.
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