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It is same price for shipping, so total is the same too. Armenia and Russia are in the same zone. them the link of tenores from amazon. After they review your order, you will be asked to pay amazon price + their services' fee. They will buy it for you. After they receive your item, you will be asked to pay for shipping. After you pay for shipping the item will be forwarded to your address. It did cost only $55 total for my tenores.
I have tenores on their way to me. What you think about differences between tenores and dba-02. I especially want to know about clarity and vocals. Which you find better in this part? thanks.
Will buy Carbo Tenore for $55 shipped to Armenia. If you have one and want to sell, let me know. Offers are accepted.
I don't know how efi-82 mt sounds before certain amount of burn-in, as I received mine already used. About highs I must say that they are very well extended and not lacking in both extension and quantity. KTXPRO1 shares same drivers from KCS75, and KCS75s aren't even close to efi-82 mt in terms of sound quality.
I prefer BA-based IEMs over dynamic-based ones for metal because of BA speed.
etymotic hf5, balanced and neutral sounding IEM. Build quality is rather good. can't help with comparison as haven't owned gr07.
I started with a dark sounding IEM (ViSang VS-R02, which I own till now). Than I switched to brighter sets. It seems like bright IEMs insist on me listening to the sound they produce. Now I am sure that dark sounding IEMs with calm signature fit my preferences better. I have decided to buy ba200. Thanks for help.
Quote:I remember hf5 didn't have as high extension as dba-02. The brightest sparkle, and the very top of cymbals' ringing was absent. But treble of hf5 was more musical, not fatiguing. If ba200 doesn't lose rather big amount of details in treble, I can go with it. When EQing with Brainwavz R1 I fully drop down 16kHz region and 8kHz region by half. It is impossible to listen to metal with that kind of treble for a long time (I mean half an hour and more). Before I liked the...
Good! I am not a fan of sparkly treble. And if there is no lack of certain amount so that to be called recessed than I will be satisfied. Thanks.
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