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Thank you.   Your timing is very good as I've been thinking about trying this again!I hate that Bluetooth is lower volume than anything else.
I broke the headset frame on my Pro 500 but the speakers are fine.  I just need an unbroken headset frame to transfer my speakers over to.
Sorry for the SPAM, but this is such a specialty/niche item that nobody would ever notice it on eBay.   And it relates directly to this thread.   I'm selling this for $55 shipped in the USA if anyone is interested.  I only unboxed it to test one time and then never used again. It's for Samsung tablets/phones but works with many other mfgs.  I ended up selling my Samsung tablet and got a Nexus and don't need it.   PM only if interested, so we don't clutter up the...
 Thank you for helping with the suggestions.I did a small amount of research on potentiometers.  It looks like the majority of the higher end ones use a much higher ohm rating than 1k?Here are the specs of my current equipment.  Will this help confirm your suggestion of 1k ohm potentiometer? Behringer UCA202 USB DAC:Output impedance - 400 ohms to Alpine PXA-H800 car audio processor:Input Impedance: 10k ohms or higher The volume control would go between these two devices.
 Yep, that would be perfect if I knew it would be unobtrusive to the audio quality.
That's the thing, I am out of my element when looking for this sort of thing.  Which is why I was hoping to find a USB DAC kitted with the external volume.  It would eliminate any compatiblity issues.Yep, I'm doing the installation.  I'm fairly geeky with DIY, Android and Car/Home audio, etc.
 As long as it doesn't disturb the music quality.  I've heard volume pots cause distortion before.This is for a car installation and the volume pot would get installed into my dash.Which is why the volume pot assembly has to be small, so I can fit it in my busy dash/console.
 Thanks, but I'm looking for a DAC with external volume control, not built-in.  :)Sorry if my post was confusing.
Can someone recommend a USB DAC that has an external rotary volume control? I need a very small volume control assembly, like you see in the pic below. Nexus 9 tablet compatibility needed.  
Wow I like that track.  Thanks for sharing!
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