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If anyone is interested I'm selling my pair of 11 month old MT220's. Any serious buys are welcome to PM me.    I live in Australia so all you US citizens out there will have to cover the postage unfortunately:/
Are you open to trade for a pair of Yamaha HPH-MT220's as well as cash?    how much would it cost to ship to Australia?
Want to trade for a pair of Yamaha HPH-MT220s? or wiling to sell it for $150?    I'm sure we can negotiate a fair deal. 
I hope your purchase is worth it! :) It's a lot of money for an audio player imo 
yeah definitely, I've always had this urge to get a ipod touch. Especially since on gumtree you can get a 32gb for under $200. However since I already have a phone it would feel like carrying around 2 phones in my pocket. The AK Junior looks to be at least to my eyes a little smaller, like a blown up ipod Nano.  I'll probably just stick with my phone for now but it wouldn't be terrible to own a device just for music if it's not going to be inconvenient for me to carry 2...
The ASTELL&KERN AK JR is AU$699 in Australia.   IMO, that's still a bit steep for a music player but that's coming from a person who isn't a music buff, so your mileage may very.  Once the price drops a bit, I'll definitely consider it but for now I'll wait.  I'm sure it will become more affordable in time. 
Man, that was a long road.    Well, at least the is good and I'm getting my replacement. Even I had to pay for the postage to return them.   After contacting Addicted to audio in Sydney and getting treated like crap. My friend "Shane" took over and he was more than happy contact the Melbourne store to make an official complaint about how we were treated regarding the scratches on the Sennhesier hologram logo. Both stores were convinced that it was a fingerprint mark...
on my unit there is a strange bleeding effect on the hologram on the logo. is this normal? I'm convinced that it isn't tho. I'm trying to get a replacement but because I am unable to travel 4 hours for to see it, it's really hard to explain to them the issue that's on hand. 
it sure is :) I couldn't spend $499 on them, even if I wanted to. I couldn't live with myself.  Plus why pay retail price if you can get it for cheaper :)
I can't really go into depth as to how or why I was able to get a deal this good as I don't want to get into trouble but I was able to get my hands on a brand new pair of Sennhesier Momentum 2.0s from a genuine reseller for AU$375. On one condition that I had to visit the store in Sydney. Which I got one of my friends who was already visiting his Nephew in Sydney to go in on my behalf.  he should be coming back from Sydney tomorrow midday :) so I'm super excited! Lets just...
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