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Will the CP100's fit on a pair of Jaybird Blubuds X earphones?
Will the CP100's fit on a pair of Jaybird Blubuds X earphones? 
Hi Jaybird users,    I'm from Australia and I've been using the Blubuds X earphones for roughly 2 years.   Would you pick the Jaybird freedoms over the Jaybird X3's form factor and 8 ( or is it been reduced to 7? )hours single charge? (once the X3's are released) 
  Yeah, that's right. It would be saver to try them before i buy them but there's a little dilemma.  If i buy them from minidisc (price matched for AU $320 but offer expires today) i get a 21 day risk free guarantee but you still have to pay to return them back to the store and they deduct the cost that they spent to post them to you. So you dont get all of what you paid for them back. If i buy them from KG electronics (AU $299.95) i don't get any guarantees if i want to...
Hey guys,    I'm trying to decide between the Phillips Fidelio X2's and the Beyerdynamic T51P's.    I understand that they are completely different headphones with opposite purposes but when deciding between a at home desktop headphone and a portable headphone, how do you guys make that decision?    I'm not in the market to buy 2 pairs of headphones before anyone suggests to buy both.    I like the practicality of the T51P's but I also like the usefulness of the...
LIKE NEW, ONLY USED FOR 3 HOURS.    IN PERFECT COSMETIC CONDITION.   All accessories are included. Comes with a bonus hard carry case valued at AU$90 (imported from amazon to Australia) including all accessories that came with the case.    Hard case fits the headphones perfectly   I’m asking for AU$440 plus shipping to the designated country. Willing to post internationally at buyers expense.    Private message me if interested.         
I'm buying a pair of Sony MDR-1ABT tomorrow for AU$350 :)    But unfortunately the agreement as that I won't be able to open it until Christmas haha 
Wow, that's very interesting!I might just go for it What's interesting is that I sent him a question as the box was of the BT version but the title of the listing said that is was the DAC version.He has replied and he said that his selling the DAC version for AU$389!? He got the pictures mixed up.Can I use the DAC wirelessly and are they better than the BT version? got clarification from the seller that it can't be used wirelessly. Still an amazing price but I'd get more...
For a BT headphone, do you think the Sony MDR-1ABT are worth it?    Iv'e been able to find a pair in Australia (Brand new) for $389 (US$284.81)    or do you think that there are better options out there? 
PM sent.
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