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awesome to hear Chailee80 :) thanks for the continuous help you've given me. it doesn't go unnoticed! Atm I could either wait until I can snap up a pair of momentum 2.0's on amazon for cheaper than the Australian RRP of $499 OR I can purchase a pair of Sony MDR-1A's. A private seller is selling brand new sealed Sony MDR-1A unwanted gift which she bought in Japan (therefore it's a Japan import) and she's agreed to offer AU$245 plus free shipping. She may even be able to...
How do the ES700s compare to the ES88s? Is it a night and day difference. I can get the ES88s on eBay for around $100 lightly used. Is it worth the difference in price or is it worth getting the ES700s? Tia. I need some guidance on this matter.
nice deals!
Extremely interested,  Have these already been sold?  Would you consider posting to Australia? 
Cheapest offer is $AU?
are these still available?    If so how much are you asking?    I live in Australia.    tia
I lift as well and I now use the Jaybird Blubuds X earphones. They are extremely comfortable and the wing attachments help a lot with keeping them in your ears. I think they are by far the best sounding bluetooth earphones I've tried thus far. Plus they are super convenient as well.  The only downside is the price as they are pretty pricey but I think they are worth every penny. Especially since I workout 5-6 days a week. 
Can the K712's sound a bit boring at times?  Could you please help me to understand what critical listening means? Also If I'm not planning on upgrading my amp/dac (other than staying in the realms of Fiio products) Is it worth saving my money on potentially having to buy a more powerful amp/dac to get the best performance out of them and get the X2's? 
Hi All. I own a Fiio E07K which is the only amp I own. . I need some help deciding on whether to go for the X2s or the K712PROs. I'd use it for general desktop. Gaming, watching TV shows/movies and listening to music. The X2s are AU$399 in Australia and I can find a pair of brand new K712PROs for AU$367.65 on eBay from a private seller with genuine warranty. Which is why I'm quite urgent to get some help and opinions on what to do. Any help would be appreciated. Tia!
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