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Picked this up in a bundle a few days ago but don't need it. Condition is like-new.   Shipping is $5 CONUS. Add 3.5% or gift for fees. Pictures at request.    Thanks
Audirvana is the program that has iTunes integration. 
 Bah, I'm no photographer but I took those. Glad you enjoyed the pictures nonetheless. Daigo is correct, that is a Rooms headphone stand (macassar ebony).
Looking for an excellent condition FiiO X5.    Thanks For afterwards.. 
 I did, but that was purely for cosmetic craziness. Once you go black you never come back. 
 It depends on what your definition of slam is. The control.. taughtness of the GS-X mk2 pairs nice with cans that have more bloom (i.e LCD-3, HE-500, etc.). With the HD800, none of that is needed. In fact, the bass sounds anemic and lacks authority. I've never professed to like the GS-X mk2 with the HD800, actually I've said many times that amp does not pair well even with the smoothest DACs I've heard. The Stratus in a sense does have more slam when talking about...
 I'm talking about through email, not here.
Has anyone been in contact with Trevor recently? Very uncharacteristic recently..
Very little use after receiving my UERM. Plus, as you know, I've never been much of a portable user. 
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