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Selling my excellent condition EC Super 7. This unit has been modded switching out the stock feedback and interstage caps.    Jantzen .10UF 1200V Z-Superior Caps - interstage Jantzen 10UF 800V Z-Silver Caps - feedback   There has been extensive testing of various premium caps on another site, and these seemed to fit the sound I was after. Definitely improved the sound from stock significantly. I've also played around with various tubes and have found a synergistic set...
You're using bright headphones, of course the sound is going to be bright.
Those that are using the Ref. 1, what tips are you using?
Selling two leftover items I have left from my LCD-3 sale.    1 - Audeze Lambskin Leather Pads (Brown) - $40   Excellent condition with no tearing.   2 - Audeze Foam Headband - $50   Rare headband that has since been discontinued. These were originally used on the LCD-2 v1 headphones and are much more comfortable than the current headband. The foam is all across the band making weight distribution much more even.   Prices include CONUS shipping but not PayPal...
 The Stratus, 2A3, and S7 as a more budget friendly option are my top three in terms of best I've heard the HD800 per my preferences. Sold the Stratus simply for funding for something greater, and because I wasn't happy with the pairing with the HE-6 or LCD-3. 
 Lacks body for me, even paired with a warm DAC. Even a modded HD800, sound is too analytical and bland. Similar to Sneis' comments. 
I'm one of those that aren't keen on the HD800/GS-X mk2 combo as well. You aren't alone Ricky!
  This is part of the reason why I didn't want to use the word, durability because it really is the wrong word to use here. As I said before rhodium has better resistances to degradation such as oxidation, tarnishing, and erosion. Like gold, it is MUCH better than silver, nickel, and especially brass. In regards to durability as a whole, well that depends on a few factors. 1) The quality and strength of the actual coating (plating). Some plugs have better quality plating...
 Rhodium plating is even more durable than gold plating, which is why it was introduced. Again not for what it does to sound. I agree, rhodium is much more suitable for "high end" cables.
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