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Not unheard of, it is solid core. With enough strain, or even continuous strain can affect the longevity. 
Selling my PS Audio PowerPlant P3 unit. Color is black. Condition is mint and hasn’t been moved since I removed it from the box. I’m the first owner. I bought it new-in box about a year ago and it has remained in the same condition throughout. Lovely unit but just overkill for my needs. Still have original box and accessories. If there are any questions please feel free to ask.
Selling my DHC Fusion IEM Cable (V1). The Fusion cable is a mixed hybrid consisting of OCC Silver and OCC Copper litz strands.   Length - 48" Condition - Mint Connectors - 2 pin UE/JH/Westone Termination - 3.5mm DHC Elite gold-plated   Price includes shipping to the CONUS. Willing to ship international at buyers expense and risk. Please add 3.5% or gift. Not interested in any trades at the moment.    Thanks
Selling a mint condition pair of Shure SE215 IEM. Color is clear.    Comes with soft carrying pouch and included tips.   Price includes shipping but not PayPal fees so please add 3.5% or gift. Pictures at request.    Thanks
Looking for offers for my like-new Tralucent Ref.1 IEM with the Uber cable. Just got these in a few weeks ago. Condition is mint and comes with all originally included accessories. Bought mine with the upgraded Uber cable which definitely up's the ante.    Please consider before offering:   Ref. 1 - $1650 Uber Cable - $1300   I would be willing to separate the order but would strongly prefer selling them as a combo. I do have one other cable which will work with the...
Picked this up in a bundle a few days ago but don't need it. Condition is like-new.   Shipping is $5 CONUS. Add 3.5% or gift for fees. Pictures at request.    Thanks
Audirvana is the program that has iTunes integration. 
 Bah, I'm no photographer but I took those. Glad you enjoyed the pictures nonetheless. Daigo is correct, that is a Rooms headphone stand (macassar ebony).
Looking for an excellent condition FiiO X5.    Thanks
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