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Pink (9960) and White (9963) are rubberised, not cloth.
  I have made such a request, back in November 2012, but still no reply. Any suggestions?   Mark
Update mostly for non US members (because you can get better prices in the US)...   We are now shipping all colours of Monoprice 8320 type earphones with Comply Active S-400 tips included as standard having become a Comply OEM (yippee!).   You can find the listings on eBay and Amazon.   Mark
  As far as I recall, this is the first vote in favour of the stock tips!   Mark
I don't know about the cable, though it appears so from the pictures. The silver model is outdated, it is a chrome finish rather than rubberized and quite uncomfortable. Unsure about the packaging, if that what you are talking about. None of them have a carrying case. The silver also only have 1 size of tips included.   Hi, Mark here from the UK. I am an official reseller for Monoprice shipping worldwide and our stock of the new models just came in so I can try and...
I do not recall the source of the quote but it goes something like this...   "I wear $5 shoes with a $10 shoe shine"   .. and I bet there are other versions of the same metaphor.
Well, yes, but I want to follow the forum rules about people in the trade so I do not really know how much I can say!   I did notify Head-Fi that I was a reseller of earphones some weeks ago but I never got a reply.   Any more experienced Head-Fi ers got any guidance to offer?
The box is a big problem for international resellers.   Even for a large order (several hundred units) shipping costs from the USA are 127% higher. Shipping out to customers is higher. Shipping to UK customers is 200% higher, Europe 120% higher.   Smaller resellers often import in small quantities bought on their behalf in the USA and brought in in small quantities to escape the 20% VAT on imports to Europe. These resellers may well remove the box at...
I should have been clearer when I said "they will start to ship the 9927 within 10 days"   Monoprice have started to ship but non USA resellers may not yet have stock.
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