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They sell AK100-111is for the same price with what? AK100-111is sells for almost ¥50,000 brand-new. F111 is ¥42,800. It wouldn't be far-fetched to say that the casing + cable costs around ¥7000. So it's likely that Parterre's price = F111's price + cost of cable/casing + cost of more driver(s?).   I also think that Parterre will be dual BA too -- Although FitEar only specified that it has multi-driver configuration, so the number of drivers is still unclear as of...
To be honest 000 shouldn't be considered at all if ergonomics is what you're after. 000 is the stiffest, most microphonic, least comfortable FitEar cable around.   The SQ improvement 000 gives is quite audible to my ears though, so I don't mind dealing with the ergonomic issues.
Seriously doubtful, because the Parterre has multi-driver configuration. It also comes with 001 cable (+$) and pelican case (+$).   I'm predicting that the sales price of the Parterre will be around ¥60,000, Well, ¥59,800.
Nothing so far except this :
^This. The review did mention this; I should've translated it as well.   Kinda makes me wonder what kind of Anime music Suyama-san was listening to when designing the Monet.
Here's the outline of what the review says; the reviewer is basically saying :   - A lot of bass quantity-wise, but it is extremely detailed. He mentioned that the level of detail is maintained even at high volumes. He thinks that bass is Monet's biggest strength. - Dry and recessed mid-range, resulting in, in the reviewer's words, "instrument-like" vocals. Seems like mids is Monet's weakpoint. - Peaky in the 10k-15k region. Edgy treble as a whole. - As a whole the Monet...
There is 002. It's basically 003 cable, but instead of L-plug 002 cable comes with straight plug similar to 000 and 001.
That's what 4.01 AM does to me.
I digested your post as saying basically "ER-4 and HF-5 is similar FR chart-wise, thus subjectively any difference in clarity is perhaps due to placebo effect".   I prolly misunderstood your post though.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but since when does frequency response graph have anything to do with clarity?   No matter how similar ER-4 and HF-5 are FR chart-wise, I'm sure as heck ER-4 still wins in terms of clarity over HF-5, especially during complex, fast passages.
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