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110.4 lbs 189.5 lbs 287.5 lbs
The current Florence Welch who has now a more controlled voice.
Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine. Although poorly recorded.
yeah, I understand. Now go buy one
will this be your first headphones? if so, im confident that you will be happy if you purchase either of the two. but i would personally get the closed version pro80 because of the better isolation.
there isnt much differing opinions about the two. Go get the pro 80
peter, soundstage is smaller than the pro80, but is the instrument separation is as good?
zeppu08. are you the one who put his gr07 to rest because of the xiaomi pistons??
so it's a fake v1? then no chance that i'll buy that even for $5
That confirms it. The picture on the ad has silver metal parts. Thanks peter.
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