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Whats up guys i dont know if this id the right section, but im looking for a dac for my windows tablet. Im installing my surface 3 in my car and i need a dac that will give me loud clean sound...thanks for the help in advance
With using a usb dac..will I need additional processing to get be best sound quality possible?
I'm getting ready to remove my head unit in my truck and replacing it with a tablet. I was instructed by a few guys to get a usb DAC buy I'm not sure about which one to buy. And will i be able to connect the dac to a usb hub
How does the jvc fxz 100/200 compare to the previous listed iem's
A year or two ago when I was trying to decide..the Sony xb90ex was king are they still among the best when it comes to bass?
$200 Is my max
Hey guys last time I was here I was searching for a nice pair of headphones and ended up going with vmoda and couldn't be happier now I'm looking for something smaller that's clear with good bass. I am a bad head but I don't want the bass to be overwhelming to the face that the lyrics blurry
I received my e11 today and it's smaller than I expected. I was very pleased with the sound of the m100's, but now since I paired they with the amp it's amazing! Why would you need a better asbo than the e11? the bass hits hard and deep and the volume can go louder than anyone should listen to. seems like the perfect combo
Is double amping a must without a line out?
it only do it when the bass goes really low and the volume of above 90% how can I wave tone or the sweep?
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