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I received my e11 today and it's smaller than I expected. I was very pleased with the sound of the m100's, but now since I paired they with the amp it's amazing! Why would you need a better asbo than the e11? the bass hits hard and deep and the volume can go louder than anyone should listen to. seems like the perfect combo
Is double amping a must without a line out?
it only do it when the bass goes really low and the volume of above 90% how can I wave tone or the sweep?
does anyone have somewhat a popping noise in one of their driver when listening to heavy bass songs?
what is the best amp for the m100's? All I have is a crapy E11 lol
I just received my m100's. I'm very picky when it comes to music and I'm very pleased with the sound quality and bass.
i really want to try the 200'son my E11, they are next on my list if the m100's dont workout. Please come back for another comparision when you get a chance In all honesty the pioneers was a good overall sounding headphone i wash i had the ability to listen to then with an amp before i returned them.hopefully my m100's will satisfy my lol
i would like for someone to compare the fxz200 and the m100's  
I ordered my m100's and my E11 yesterday. I hope I'm able to feel the bass if not they will be going back just like the pioneers lol
would anyone dare to compare these two? The jvc's look like the best in its class and the m100 looks to be a new to contender. which Is better of the two
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