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Hey It's obviously getting into the holiday season and this year I'm looking at some new headphones. Now I'm stuck between the audio technica ath m50 and the c moda crossfade lp. I listen to dubstep mostly and heard that both of these are good but I need to pick one. The one thing I'm worried about is that I haven't got to try either one, so I'm skeptical about buying either one. So please let me know which one would be good for me.
Has anyone seen v moda crossfade lp or lp2 in a store because black friday is coming and I'm looking for sales.
A highly under-rated type of headphones are noise cancelling headphones. Noise cancelling headphones allow you to enjoy your music in even some of the loudest areas. One of the reasons I think that noise cancelling headphones are not as popular is because their prices can jump up quite a bit. So This forum is for cheap noise cancelling headphones. If you found some noise cancelling headphones and they were cheap but satisfying post them here.
You may want to check out able planet headphones. They are non-expensive but still high quality.  I have had the musicians choice for over two years now and they are still kicking strong.
Ok I am unfamiliar with headphone amps so what are some good ones and what do they do?
Hey, I am looking for new headphones and I listen to a lot of... that's right dubstep. Now I have some able planet head phones (most probably don't even know what able planet is) but they just aren't satisfying for bass. Now I've looked a dozens of headphones all with good reviews but nothing stands out. So up till now I've heard mostly good things about the v-moda crossfade lp, but I'm not sold. So if you have some recommendations please share. so in a nut shell I am...
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