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Hi guys! So, umm, how much of an advantage in sound quality does the jh 3a have over the jh16? Also, i cant imagine walking around with my iphone connected to this huge amp in my pocket lol. So, which would u choose if your source was an iphone and portability is huge? I dont mind walking around with the amp, bit is it worth the price and decrease in portability?
MOst likely the ortofon rondo red. Btw, i took out the dac and replaced it with phono preamp
Nvm, figured it out. So, my new setup would remove the dac and replace it with a transcendent sound phono preamp. So, how is that?
Oh yeah, and i am getting the wa5le, not wa5
What does a phono preamp do and why do i need it? I know, noob question.
Also, if the turntable is my source, do i need a dac?
  Hi guys, im about to buy a brand new high end headphone setup and would like feedback about if there is anything i should know about it before i buy. Well, here it is: Woo Audio WA5 Benchmark DAC1 Beyer T1 Clearaudio Concept   So, whatcha guys think?
ok, guess imma get the beyer t1 instead
Lol, ok good. It got me worried cuz i saw on hifiman's site that it sid th he6 required a lot of power
Im undecided on getting the t1 or he6. If i go he6, is this amp good enought to power it?
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