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I've been running around everywhere looking for something that appeases my need for a Device that can convert my Optical / toslink audio setup to analog, with clarity in mind. I have everything very close together in my little Man-Cave and my First purchase was a Sound Card (Creative Recon3D) for the fact that it had a Digital In input. I was getting horrible audio with it and reading online I read of many similar gripes with that Sound Card, So I upgraded to the newest...
Ah, i see now, but no I cant go back. already spent $$ on each HDMI cable connecting all devices.   If I were to do this with a fresh start, do I HAVE to have a receiver or is that just the "usual" method?   /---- HDMI -------=> Switch -- HDMI --> LED Monitor / / Console -- HDMI \ / \-- Optical --> PC ---- > REVCEIVER --> 2.1 speakers.
the monitor is not returnable. its an opened-box  purchase which was used at an event for one day. I was only able to get it because I knew the guys that work at my local store, I got the monitor about ~50-60% cheaper than its retail price.   So what you're saying is that my problem isn't my soundcard its my monitor? according to the article, I see no mention of where the monitor is involved.
My setup.
I used have all my consoles hooked up to my 19" LCD TV Monitor, VGA  for PC and Component for the consoles hooked to a component video switch so I could share one input to all consoles. Recently my 19" died and I had to upgrade to a 23.6" and because the time was right it created a domino effect and I upgrade my PC too, the LED monitor only has VGA, DVI and HDMI  inputs and no speakers. So my plan was to bump up to a HDMI switch and have my PS3, 360 and PC outputs...
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