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Well now its more about why would I get basic Senns if I could try out new headphones?   Just a quick Q:  Do the Beyer DT990 velour pads would fit the HD330? In my region, that would cost me a $48+S&H--mistake if they dont fit.
Well now its just a waiting game, crap timing though, with Christmas around the corner shipping is going to take ages. Just order an unrelated to this topic item from Michigan and the seller was told by the post office that it may take between 3-4 weeks to get here (I live about a 2.5 day drive from Michigan, US ).   I ordered the 668D and HD330 locally(well 1 state over) so I expect to get them some time  this week or early next week. but the Takstars are coming from...
Thanks Samu.   Was just a bit confused, I mentioned in my OP that I had the D1 but then you stated I need 150 Ohms to drive the HD330 so assumed the D1 wasnt sufficient enough. haha.
Well call me crazy but I ended up grabing the HD330, 668D AND Takstars Hi2050. Crazy indeed. Total: ~210   probably sell the remaining two when I've finalized my choice haha. 210 for three headphones is wayy better than 210 for only one.    Now just need to know will the Audioengine D1 be able to power everything to max potentials?
Audioengine D1 would be enough to power 150 Ohms no?
 I had a glimpse of the Superlux HD330 thread on Head-Fi and I heard a ton of great things about it. But the PC builder in me looked at the model number and assumed it was inferior to the 668B ??!What would you say is better 668B or HD330 for better bass representation ? Actually just found www.thomann.de/ I did not know this is where they they sell almost all the the Superlux, Has anyone ordered from here? If its decent shipping to North America, I would actually love to...
Settled with the Takstar. the Philips Fidelio L1 were too expensive everywhere I looked and comparing the reviews I found the Takstar to have better reception.    Thank you billybob. =D
Maybe I made the bass too much of a high priority. (Editied TP  just to get the message out that bass isnt everything)   Just looked up the Takster, really really loving the reviews. and $50?? are you serious! I love seeing underdogs challenge the >$200 cans and can hold their own up against the >$200 cans.
So odd that google failed me so I'll ask at the second best place I can think of =) I usually like self-help rather than asking for help. but times are dire!   I'm Canadian so my options are limited to Amazon.ca and maybe ebay if trusted seller. 180 USD (should be about 200 CDN)   I currently have my ears set on the Sennheiser HD 558 and HD 598(a little over 200, but free shipping) I already have an Audioengine D1 so Amp is taken care of.   But I hate just buying...
I've been running around everywhere looking for something that appeases my need for a Device that can convert my Optical / toslink audio setup to analog, with clarity in mind. I have everything very close together in my little Man-Cave and my First purchase was a Sound Card (Creative Recon3D) for the fact that it had a Digital In input. I was getting horrible audio with it and reading online I read of many similar gripes with that Sound Card, So I upgraded to the newest...
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