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Due to JH agreement with AK, you have to source it from Japan or Korea.
Stock is medium.
Yes there is, I got mine off eBay (LOD WMPORT to 3.5mm), and for the LOD to miniUSB you can also get the official Sony adapter off...
LOD = Line Out Dock.
That's good to know and thanks.
Yep, that's why I said simulate and not being equal.
Don't forget that both version of the cable has settings for the Rox to simulate both the JH13 and JH16.
No I only meant that the balanced cable from Earphone Solutions was from JHA (JHA034804BLK), and the AKR03 itself is identical to the UniRox functionally (other than the bundled balanced cable) also according to Earphone Solutions.  Of course I have no proof other than their words, and I was looking tall and wide for the AKR03 too before I switched my W60 pre-order to the UniRox after emailing ES.  However, it is very possible that the AKR03 "tuning" for the AK240 is...
 I don't dis custom as I would love to get a pair someday.  However, I fall into slick530 category that universal fits fine for me with the Comply Tips, so I don't really need to go with the trouble of custom IEMs.
Because they are.  There are no difference between the AKR03 and the UniRox except the logo and packaging.
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