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My F807 is still for sale... SOLD!
Try to put an OTG adapter in between.
Yes, the AK100/120 are much warmer. The complete AK Recorder and mic bundle.
You are correct.  However, my experience on the slow down has mostly been related to scrolling, scanning, and indexing, and not DSD plays back (even at DSD256).  The current gen of 200+ Gb cards are all Class 10 or U1 rated, so the situation won't improve unless U3 or above cards come out.  I suggest getting one of those cheap microSD to SD adapter and use faster rated cards if this really bother you.
Formatting and partitioning are two different things, and since SanDisk by default partitioned in MBR, you will be fine having it format with PC or the DAP.  For GPT partitioned cards you need to use Disk Management or something like Partition Magic to have it repartition back into MBR (then format.)  However, a new SanDisk card should just work when you pop it into the DAP. p.s. I have used SanDisk 200Gb in stock form with the AK380 before, and their newer 256Gb should...
Yes, because SanDisk partitioned theirs with MBR by default, and Samsung uses GPT.  But again, AK really should get their act together on GPT support on SD cards.
That's very true, but the best G-Shock white got to be the GBA-400-7, which is basically the Bluetooth version of their GA-400s.  What's so special about that white, and most from the GBA line, is that it has a pearlescent coating on it, making it looks very special.  It's a shame that the coating is very difficult to photograph, and most pics online doesn't show it. 
But those are more of design choices than bugs.
Why?  Most of the major and even minor issues had already been resolved.
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