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No optical out, analog only.
The war is already over: NuxTel vs. WinTel, so Intel wins.
Also, you can export all the paths from you music drive in the command prompt with dir/s > export.txt , then open in Excel and delimited your data.
Guys, instead of manually editing everything in notepad or whatever, just do the editing in Excel and export it back as txt and rename the extension.
For pls you need to use path structure for the AK Jr./Linux and not windows. Get a couple of songs from the internal and SD card to the pls, then use those as reference for the other songs when editing.
Check PM.
Are you in the US?
How's the pricing in HK? Maybe I can get my father to get it if it is cheaper.
Thanks for letting me know, as I got my Jr. from them also.
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