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Get the TB or the ModMic 4.0, and read this:
Sure, you are more than welcome to PM me anytime!
That's what I am hoping.  We shall see.
FYI, there is a case that I just found and it has a front flip cover!  
For home system yes, but in my experiences portable setup is different, and I bet that if you pair the K10/Rox/whatever to a Rockboxed Sansa Clip with FLAC it will sounds great.  So the quality of your IEM dictate the SQ quite a lot.
Yeah, but you guys must be experts by now.
Yep, and hi Dan!
Sure, hope you will like it.
Yeah I guess $90 isn't a bad deal on the M-80.  Since they all use the standard 3.5mm TRS from the headphone end, getting replacement cable is easy.
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