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FYI, the A5+ is on Massdrop right now.
I think either way you will be happy, but the K10 kicks REALLY hard if you amp it a little.
Ok hear me out.  I am not trying to be mean or anything, but if you can afford the 8, then why not just go for the 10?
Ok...   | v
Yes, Mike added that just now for me :). p.s. the AK100 + A1 is the best sub-$1K bundle that you can have.
Well, I used to use my M8 4LX as my DAC/AMP for my AK120, but since then I moved it to my desktop for my Alpha Prime, so now I wanted the A1 for my AK120 and the Skyn as my replacement to my VentureCraft SounDroid Typhoon / BB5 for my iPod Touch 5th Gen.
Please repost this over in the watch thread, I bet they will love it.
That was quick, thanks Mike!
NP, I have it with my old 1Tb drive from an old laptop, but you can definitely use it with a newer 2Tb drive.  The only down side to that case is that you can't really take it off again once it is closed, so you better picked the drive you want and install it correctly the first time.
There is: Macally Mobile Wi-Fi Hard Drive Enclosure for Wireless Storage
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