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Answered :).
I have a Go-DAP 3.0 (Black-Red), 4.0 (White-Red), and a VAMP (Black-Red) if you are interested.  However, I did a case swap between my Go-DAP 4.0 and VAMP, and I don't really want to do the swap again.
Thanks, and for brighter sound, try the LME49860, cheap too.
Mk1 or Mk2?  I have been seriously considering the TiE8 Mk2 myself, and you may want to try tuning the sound again with another opamp.
Yep, another reason why I sold my Cu as the Valoq is good enough already.
Saw your post on Fb but can't respond there.  Anyway.  It doesn't matter which amp you have in the Valoq, you are not going to get the sound of the Cu.  The biggest reason being that the Valoq is just not that quiet compare to the Cu, and if you want the AK380, take my advice and just get the original or the black version.  I sold my Cu not just because I didn't use it enough, but the copper casing makes it very hard to handle without making a mess.  Of course there are...
I second Toxic, but for under 250 euros, I would go for Linum instead.
Thanks.  The bottom line is that I am not using mine, and it could use a good home.
Sorry to hear that.  I still have my slightly used F807 (blue) that I have no use for anymore if you are interested.
Yeah and it's rather lonely...
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