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It's great in person! It's MSRP $1850, and I only listed at 2000 for shipping and PayPal. So for US buyer it will just above MSRP.
Someone please buy my new K10 Rose Gold already...
I am also looking into the AK70+Mojo pair myself, and Dignis sells a very nice combo case for it in case you are not aware. Same here, but of course all this is subject to what OpAmp you use for the Valoq.
If that's the case I advice you hold off on it, as the sound will be very different than what you are used to.
I am only looking for the 20 as there isn't much point for me to get the 10.  I almost always shops Earphone Solutions or Moon-Audio, but MA has a no return policy on IEMs, so HiFi Heave maybe better.
 Any other sites sell it?  NVM, Moon Audio has them :).
I can't even pre-order now, just got a redirect to their news letter...
I responded to you in the other trend, but this was most likely a back and dial swap with the AK240SS.  I can assure that the BN version is blue with a custom blue leather case.
Maybe that's an old photo of the prototype, someone did a backing and dial swap with an AK240SS, or a fake.  As a side note, you can now buy the Blue Note version from AK for the DAP only without the MQS Jazz collection and books.
1, yes, AK Connect is WiFi only, but if I remember correctly, you can use it to download your library too.2, you are not wrong, and I found loading files into the AK240 (even the AK380 for this matter) is a pain in the ass.  This is why the original AK120 with its dual card slot is such a God send.
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