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Definitely not, so I think you will have to adjust to at least 3 o'clock to make up for it.
Also, someone needs to try running the Qobuz download with a converter like dBpoweramp or JRiver to see will the wav gets re-tagged into something that the AK240 can read.
https://wiki.jriver.com/index.php/WAV_%26_AIFF_Tagging   The only real way to fine out is to look into how Qobuz tag the wav at the end chunk, and your seller's answer makes no sense.
I feel so left out...
Any news on the Rose Gold Edition yet?
This is going to take a bit as I am pretty busy this week.  Good thing is that your musical taste is very similar to mine, which make picking songs easier.  BTW, the AK240 Blue Note is "only" $4500 from Moon Audio now. Yes I know.  I still owe you, and pretty much all of you out there, a AK380Cu vs. Skyn vs. Valoq review, aka "The AKM4490 Special"...
Just noticed that the Blue Note Edition got a $1000 price drop from most official re-seller, including Moon Audio.
Sure.  However, before I do that, I need to know more of your taste so I can tailor my info for you.  Functionally if you don't care about things like balanced output, storage limitations, and not 100% dark background (still pretty dark enough), then the Skyn will fits your needs 99% of the time.  Power wise the Skyn is more powerful than the AK380 out of the box, so it will drives any of the current JH very well.  Also, because the Skyn is less warm (neutral cold)...
Don't forget the Neutron Player too.
Very nice find.
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