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Yeah and it's rather lonely...
Yeah hope AK will fix/replace your unit.
For your card you need to look into how it was partition, and make sure it is with MBR and not GPT.  Don't know about the screen issue, but this may need to be RMA back to AK.
Group buy!!
I don't think so.  I think VC did something to the firmware to check for the card, so you can't just clone it and hope it will work.
Sure thing.
FYI: AK is selling the AK380 + Dock + CD Ripper Bundle for $3599.   https://astell-kern-us-e-store.myshopify.com/collections/promotions/products/copy-of-music-lover-pack-ak100ii-pem11-cradle-rosie-mqs-album
As far as I know AK only support the AMP micro USB for charging and not transfer.  However, you might want to install/reinstall the bundled USB drivers from your AK380 to see if it works better, or just use a third party program.
Yes it is.
God is listening with ___.
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