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I have the Toxic Cable Silver Widow 25 8-wire for JH Audio Layla if you are interested.
What do you guys think about Jomashop?  I am thinking about getting the Pan Europ from them.
Nice MY2017.  I drives a MY2013 myself.
Make sure you install the drivers included within your Jr, or any other AK DAP for the matter.  This is not obvious and caused a lot of headaches for a lot of people.
151,915 +/- 30680.19 Km.   121,235 151,915 182,595
It's great in person! It's MSRP $1850, and I only listed at 2000 for shipping and PayPal. So for US buyer it will just above MSRP.
Someone please buy my new K10 Rose Gold already...
I am also looking into the AK70+Mojo pair myself, and Dignis sells a very nice combo case for it in case you are not aware. Same here, but of course all this is subject to what OpAmp you use for the Valoq.
If that's the case I advice you hold off on it, as the sound will be very different than what you are used to.
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