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Hi everyone,   I currently drive my DUNU DN-1000's out of my Samsung Galaxy S4, and it's pretty clear my source needs some support, it just doesn't sound good. I've been thinking of buying the Q1 for a while, but am wondering if anybody else recommends this. I just want something inexpensive that can run my buds properly.
Can anybody recommend a portable amp that's not expensive? I currently use a Samsung s4 and it's a pretty bad source
I checked their kickstart website but it seems that none of the 99$ packages are claimed yet, so I think I might take the plunge anyways. But if someone who heard both of these IEM's and can point me in the right direction, that would be nice as I can't demo anything right now. Sonically would the finder be an improvement from the GR07 classic? I know the DUNU is, but the 3-year warranty and price of the Finders are really great. Thanks!
Also is there a difference between the $99 and $129 Finder packages? Can't quite see the difference except a higher price. 
Hi guys,   I've been eyeing the $129 pack, seeing as all the ones for this month are done. I was about to buy a DUNU DN-1000 as an upgrade from my GR07 classic, which is getting worn. A big selling point for me is the durability of the Finder X1, but I don't know which of the two would be a better upgrade from the GR07. Can anybody give me input? I listen to jazz, classical, and rock, if that helps.
Hi all, I've been using the regular GR07 mainly through my galaxy s4 and MacBook pro, and I am very pleased with its good sound and little leakage. But I am wanting to upgrade to something with better sound that is just as portable, and has better isolation. I would also like if it won't require an external amp or dac. It should sound good out of a Samsung Note 5. Just please don't go ham on the price please.
Hi guys,   So after 5 years of solid good use my pads are getting nasty and flat, but the official Sennheiser replacement pads on Amazon and Ebay are outrageously expensive, almost as much as my aftermarket cables, which I find ridiculous. I found a couple good-looking 3rd party options on...
yep, apparently it just shipped out this morning :)
Hi,   Last wednesday I ordered a 15 foot Canare Furutech cable from Venus_Audio's Ebay store, and haven't gotten any word on the package/shipping information. On the order info it still says the package hasn't been shipped yet, which I find hard to believe. Almost all the seller reviews mention quick shipping, which makes me even more worried. Are these cables made-to-order, and is that why it's taking a while? Or am I just being paranoid?
Has anyone else ordered a venus audio cable from the Ebay store? I did last wednesday but I can't get the order tracked, and on the order info it says it hasn't even shipped yet. All the seller reviews mention fast shipping, so I am kind of worried about mine not arriving yet. I got the canare furutech cable for my HD 650. Are the cables made to order, and is that why it takes a while? Or am I just being paranoid lol :P.
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