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Hi all, I've been using the regular GR07 mainly through my galaxy s4 and MacBook pro, and I am very pleased with its good sound and little leakage. But I am wanting to upgrade to something with better sound that is just as portable, and has better isolation. I would also like if it won't require an external amp or dac. It should sound good out of a Samsung Note 5. Just please don't go ham on the price please.
Hi guys,   So after 5 years of solid good use my pads are getting nasty and flat, but the official Sennheiser replacement pads on Amazon and Ebay are outrageously expensive, almost as much as my aftermarket cables, which I find ridiculous. I found a couple good-looking 3rd party options on...
yep, apparently it just shipped out this morning :)
Hi,   Last wednesday I ordered a 15 foot Canare Furutech cable from Venus_Audio's Ebay store, and haven't gotten any word on the package/shipping information. On the order info it still says the package hasn't been shipped yet, which I find hard to believe. Almost all the seller reviews mention quick shipping, which makes me even more worried. Are these cables made-to-order, and is that why it's taking a while? Or am I just being paranoid?
Has anyone else ordered a venus audio cable from the Ebay store? I did last wednesday but I can't get the order tracked, and on the order info it says it hasn't even shipped yet. All the seller reviews mention fast shipping, so I am kind of worried about mine not arriving yet. I got the canare furutech cable for my HD 650. Are the cables made to order, and is that why it takes a while? Or am I just being paranoid lol :P.
I want my cable :'(
Hi,   Last wednesday I ordered a cable for my HD 650 from its Ebay branch, but I can't track the package, and it just shows up as not having been shipped yet. How long do these deliveries typically last? I don't know if the cables are made to order or not.
Hi guys,   For a while I used the schiit modi as my DAC, but now I have a new Audeze Deckard and am wondering if I should bother with using the Modi when there's a DAC in the Audeze. Which would be better sound quality?
Thanks, I ust purchased this baby. Just love how it looks and I know it'll last me a long time. Thanks for the suggestion.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/15-Foot-Sennheiser-Headphone-Cable-HD525-HD600-HD650-Canare-Furutech-/171753340425?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27fd4bfe09
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