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Oh right on thanks again!
I have a zvox 220. I have the rear inputs connected to the 3.5mm of my macbook air. How would i get the clearest sound or best overall sound out of my zvox? I guess what i am asking in laymen's terms how do i configuring my volume levels and sound options on both the laptop/zvox panel to optimize my overall zvox speaker clarity? I am new to sound but recently i have been enlighten to what i think is quality sound. Not sure how i would go about learning to be experts like...
I am looking for what the best bluetooth/wireless speaker is. It can have a wire I just like the small form factor of these type of speakers. To be honest, I have always steered clear from Logitechs sound I only like their mouse.   I have the Logitech UE Mini boombox.It's actually pretty impressive but it is a little muddy with base. I also saw the JamBox it often distorts.   The Bose SoundLink || Is real nice. It's the biggest size I would consider...
Oh man, I don't mean to wake my thread. The Logitech UE Mini Boombox didn't quite work out. For 100 they are ok but I have never been a fan of Logitechs sound but gave it a shot.     The  Bose SoundLink 2 is awesome, I was not really feeling the Bose computer speakers though. A bit too large at least the Soundlink 2 is not too big.   I looked at the Zvox 220 but they are out of stock everywhere. It is big but I could put my laptop and it's a single unit....
I checked it out I really like the sounds link. It's over my budget though. I need something that sounds good and will last. I like my Logitech Mini BoomBox but it has very bad bluetooth connection. I rarely go to logitech for anything other then mice and this is the reason why. I never liked logitechs speakers of any sort as the sound sucks.   I like the sound with the logitech boombox but it doesn't connect too well(at least on Windows 7 Mac OSX works...
These give out great sound for there size. What are my other options? Anyone else make really small single speakers like these?
Was looking for something the size of the logitech boombox/jambox. lol
I ended up getting the Logitech Mini Boombox, in the reviews I heard it had better sounds then the Jambox. I was looking for something like a jambox. Small with BIG sounds but the Jambox distorts.
Anything smaller? Maybe the size of the small Beatbox?  
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