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Hi everyone,   I  bought sansa fuze 8gb and fiio e6, a few days later will come. I have chosen sansa fuze because ı like radio in the bus :)   I will use with koss portapro.   Thanks for all comments. 
Thanks for all comments... But ı don't know which one ı must take... I look today, sony a815, a816 or sansa clip+ or fuze... I am confused 
If ı understand correct, ı can't try sony e series... Because ı think e series very expensive here. My best options now fuze or video 5g 
fuze little more expensive... video 5g 66$ / fuze 83$   DMinor   Yes ı can hear you :) Thanks...
Hi everyone from Turkey,   I will buy ipod video 5g or sansa fuze but which one must I take? Which one better ? I like strong bass...   Please just say which one because my english isn't very good 
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