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Do yourself a favor and make the change, you'll absolutely enjoy the quality and difference you'll I rarely have anything 128k, most are 320 or flacsometimes it can be your source, but a easy desktop setup can be rather inexpensive.
 LOL I'd never use $500+ IEM's for the gym, I use my 215's actuallythe bass punch in the 215's is more applicable to my type of gym musicplus during the work out and microphonics that could be involvedsound quality would not be too much of an issue for me in that scenario just.....dat memory cable stiffness is yuck...... my personal opinion
okay, ive been play with the EQ a bit, and i cant what im looking for anyone want to share their EQ settings?, im look for a bit more punch in the bass Thx in advanced
another quick update from me (excuse another paragraph of noobie lingo)   so i installed my aftermarket cable sonically, it went from clear and detailed to super detailed i think it gave a faster response on notes, it produces the sound more crisply the bass did improve quite a bit with some tweaking with EQ also im enjoying what i have so far   now as a follow up question, will my 535 cable work on my 215's? coz i really hate that memory wire thing
well before we jump too far ahead...... i use foobar, but as a complete audio noob, im not sure how to set the EQ do i just fool around with it until i get the sound that suits me, or do you guys all have remade settings? And i did order an aftermarket cable that arrived tonight, i will give that a whirl tomorrow
so I got my red 535's yesterday   on first impressions, quite a nice upgrade from my razer brand earbuds haha   (sorry, please bear with my noobie lingo) pros: mids and highs are really clear and defined highs, mids, and lows don't seem to have any "overlap" in sounds bass has thickness very detailed, I hear new things on almost every song on every repeat sound stage is large, and separation is good and detailed (depending on the recordings xD) comfort in ear is...
very interesting to read about your experience and obstacles keep up the good work!
quick question about custom cables   im looking at getting the Shure 535's also, and I know cables do make a difference checking this out, but I don't see any reviews. Anyone got some suggestions?   im looking for something basic to see the difference in, not quite ready to jump into $300 cables for a $500 IEM
a bit late but ill chip in   im no expert in audio, and I don't own 535 or w40 atm but just my 2 cents on this long rivalry   at these levels of IEM's, I believe it'll be more on personal preference and experience I would suggest trying them out before you buy, or buy/try both, then return one   looking through the threads, I came down to this, being an audio noob, I would go with the 535, they are easier to run and manage on a simple iphone or PC W40 are more...
this may sound complete noob but....... what's the difference between 96/24 and 192/24?
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