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 Thanks for your suggesion, however, AKG Y55's cable length is 1.2m. Most light-weight closed headphones are made for mobile use so that cable length is short, that is the problem for me. I can use some sort of extension cable, but you know, it can debase SQ, so I don't like it tbh.
Hi folks, I'm looking for light-weight & comfortable closed headphones (for home use). I'm using MDR-MA900 as open headphones.   - <200g is preferable - Budget is 200-300USD - SQ is quite important for me - Cable should be ~3m - On-ear is ok (I'm wearing glasses though)   Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
to mod: please delete this thread. my mistake, sorry.
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Hi,   I have used solid-state amps (Lovely Cube, Audio-gd Roc, etc) with low-impedance cans like K701, and now, I'm trying to go into the tube amp world. Crack OTL looks good and budget but it doesn't seems to be for me because most cans I have are low-impedance.   Could you head-fiers make a tube amp recommendation for me?   Thanks.
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